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Carol asks…

How often do Blue Exorcist and Deadman Wonderland manga chapters come out?

The Expert answers:

Depends on the anime/manga series-either weekly or monthly new chapter will be released.

Mandy asks…

How are the jewish god, muslim god and christian god the same?

The Expert answers:

All three religions grew from the ‘covenant’ between God and Abraham in Genesis. All three claim to be the true ‘spiritual’ descendants of Abraham.

If you read the whole book of Genesis, well it’s lots of stories but it all boils down to one story. God created man and was almost immediately disappointed that man was so sinful, that he fell so short of his (God’s) own perfection. So he tried various things–throwing him out of the garden and making him work for a living, destroying the Tower of Babel so men couldn’t all work together, destroying all of mankind in a flood and re-seeding it with only the most righteous family, destroying a couple of towns that were sinful, to serve as an example, etc.etc. None of these things worked, and this is a constant theme in Genesis.

So finally God hit on the idea of picking one good man, and giving him the message to spread to others, figuring they would be more likely to trust a man than an angel. He told Abraham that if he served him (if Abraham served God) he (God) would protect Abraham’s people, he would make them prosperous and increase their numbers and they would be the ‘chosen people’. That was the whole beginning of ‘religion’ as we know it (at least for Jews,Christians and Muslims).

Jews, Christians and Muslims all claim to be the true followers, the ‘owners’ of this covenant. They disagree on the fine details, and also they all claim God loves -only- them (in which I think they’re all wrong.) They all believe the book of Genesis, it’s in all of their scriptures, but they all interpret it differently. But all coming from Abraham, the religions are called the Abrahamic Religions.

Robert asks…

why do atheists and feminists support female preaching?

The Expert answers:

No longer applies..Women are also called into preaching.

William asks…

I want to sell my gemstone jewelry and I’m stumped for a name to put on my business cards. Any ideas?

The Expert answers:

Baubles and Beads
Sassy Trinkets
or something on that order

Donald asks…

What does OEM and SP1 mean when buying an operating system?

The Expert answers:

The OEM version of the an OS is exactly the same as the retail version except for the licensing.

When you buy the retail version you get support from Microsoft for it. If you buy the OEM version you get no support at all. It’s a version used by system builders and if they sell the computer they make they are to provide the customer support. That’s why if you buy a Dell or whatever you get support from them, not Microsoft.

The other difference is that OEM versions can only be used on one computer. If the computer dies the software license for that computer dies with it. A retail version can be reused on another computer.

SP1 means it’s got Service Pack 1 already included on the disk. If you buy the version that does not say SP1 you have to download and install the service pack yourself.

A full version means that is a standalone version and does not need to have an earlier version of Windows installed before you can install it. An upgrade version is exactly that, you need to have an earlier version of Windows installed before you can install the new version on top of it. The seller should give you details of what prior or lesser versions of Windows you need before you can install the upgrade version.

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