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Mark asks…

what is a free website where you can adopt a virtual baby (care for it chane its diper dress it feed it etc.?

i am board and i LOVE kids i am going to start baby sitting real soon so i would like to get on a free game where you can adopt a virtual baby and care for it feed it dress ot and change its diper i realy would like some of your guys help!!!


The Expert answers:

Have fun! But believe me the real thing is so much harder!!

Donna asks…

When have an Ipad and my 3 1/2 year old that loves to play games.?

She loves games that have to do with taking care of baby‘s. I was wondering what games are out there that are like that. We have supermom2 but that is a little to hard for her. She likes being able to feed them and give them baths and such.

Any kids games are welcome

The Expert answers:

Hungry Time which is the best game for Kids.

Linda asks…

Baby Shower Games and Ideas….?

I am having a baby shower at the end of this month.. My mom has no idea what kind of games to play or what all we can do there…

Here is some info……..

We are having girl.
This is our second child.
We have a 2 year old boy.
The party is a cookout/shower and men and as well as women and children are gonna be there.. But the kids are already taken care of.

What kinds of games can everyone play?
What kinds can just the women play?
What can the men alone do?
What all should we have at the shower?

We have cake, streamers, plates, napkins, cups, the food for the cookout, and balloons. What else do we need to do or get???

I didn’t want a shower in the first place, but my mom insisted because this will be our last child, and I didn’t have one the first time.. But really none of us know what we are doing, and I have only been to one shower, my mother hasn’t been to any. It was her idea but somehow I got stuck helping… lol.. but that’s ok….. 🙂


The Expert answers:

You might want to get gifts to your guest that win the games 1. How fast can you drink from a baby bottle?

Think it’s easy? This game is a lot harder than it looks. Take four or five volunteers from the party. Fill four or five 4 oz. Baby bottles about a quarter full with juice or water. Hand each one of the contestants a bottle, and say drink. Who ever finishes the bottle first wins!

2. How big is Mom’s belly?

This game involves the whole party. Ask guests to tear toilet paper off a roll that they think will match closest to the size of the mother-to-be’s stomach, if it were wrapped around her. The one who tears of the right length or closest, wins.

3. Dirty Diapers?(Baby Shower Game Pick)

Take a napkin (one per guest), fold the napkins resembling a diaper and secure with a diaper pin. Attach the “diaper” to the bottom of each guests seat in advance. Place mustard or chocolate in one. Have everyone at some point during the party reach under their chairs. The one with the “dirty” diaper wins a prize.

4. Can you guess the baby food?

This free game involves getting five different kinds of baby food. Take the labels off the jars and mark the bottom of the jar with a number 1-5. Set them down in an area where guests can examine and smell them. Have everybody write down what type of baby food they think is in each jar. The guest with the most correct answers wins this baby game.

5. Guess what baby items are in the bag?

Place 10- 15 commonly used baby items in a large paper bag. Give each guest a pen and a sheet of paper. Let each guest stick their hand in the bag, touching the items, without looking. After each guest has had their turn, let them write down as many items as they can remember on their sheet of paper. The guest with the most correct answers wins!

Http:// here is another website that is good for those things. I hope this helped alot

Charles asks…

How do I take care of kids but still do my stuff?

I take care of a 9 month-old baby, a 3 year-old toddler, and a 7 year-old kid.
(Helpers: Mom, Sister, and 7 year-old’s sister, me.)

The 3 year old takes naps at 3PM. I don’t have to really worry about him because he can play by himself, he’s a really good kid but the thing is he just won’t listen to me when I command him to do stuff like stand up. He says, “For what?” I don’t know what to do, so I need help on that.

My mother and sister take care of the baby but I still need help on what to keep him busy instead of me always carrying him.

The 7 year-old kid is very stubborn, always wants to play games, threatening to tell my/his mother on me (Fail!), and he won’t listen. He’s scared of the dark and he won’t ever seperate from his sister and I. He doesn’t take naps or anything. He’s the one I need help with most. WILL NOT SEPERATE.

Thank you! 🙂
The 3 year old doesn’t do anything but the 7 year-old HATES him.
And I’m not a mother. 🙂 Just their cousins.

The Expert answers:

For the three year old, when he says for what? Tell him because I am your mother, I’m the grown up and I said so. If he says no or I don’t want to then tell him not to back talk to his mother and give him a timeout or take away a toy. Staying consistant with punishment is the key.

With the 7yr old he needs to be taught more confidence. Teach him to do more things with you and on his own, praise him when he does them right and instead of getting upset when he does it wrong just show him how to fix his mistakes to get it right. This will teach him confidence and independence.

With the baby you can have the 7yr old help you, the 3yr old can do a few things too. Having toys that sing the alphabet or are noisy with flashing lights to keep the baby’s attention but also helps to teach the child something will help for a bit, but the baby is young enough that he still needs a lot of attention.

Hope this helps!!

Sharon asks…

What are downloadble games like secondlife but for kids?

I need a game cuz im on teen secondlife but im to young but my mom doesent care and teen secondlife is a little too much so plz let the game have a character you can change give them clothes they have a house they can have friends they can have a pet(optional) and you can have a baby and you can have a job

The Expert answers:

Try a free MMORPG named Free Realms by Sony Online Entertainment.
Its free and as far as I know 70% of users are 12-18 years old. No download needed. Free to play.
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