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Carol asks…

Can an American born child live in another country without any problems?

My husband lives in Costa Rica and I am planning to move there with him. We have a child together. My daughter and I are US citizens. Will there be any issues with us living in another country. I’ve heard that children that are born in the US and are taken to another country are hunted down by the US government. Is there any truth in that?

The Expert answers:

Hmmmm..I think you have been talking to someone who had their head shoved up their butt! The only way it would be an issue to take a child out of the US and live in another country is if one of the parents of said child was living inside the US and said no to the move. Yet the other parent went ahead and took the child anyway. This is called international kidnapping. If this happens then the parent in the US has the option to obtain an attorney and try and use the Hague convention (if the other country has signed up to it) to retrieve the child.
But in the case where both parents are agreeable (as in your case) to the child moving to another country, the US government does not give a flying fig where the child lives, and will do nothing to get the child back to the US.
Just as a side note, you as an adult US citizen will be required to file a US tax return each and every yr, no matter if you worked, where you worked (country) or how much money you made. If you do not do this each yr, then YOU will get into major trouble with the IRS. Uncle Sam still dips his hand into every US citizens pie, regardless of the country they live and work in. (the same will go for your child when they either start working or reach 18)


Steven asks…

does us born child of foreiners require a US passport to travel?

We have our child born in the US while my wife was in grad school. The school is over and we are returning home. Neither one of us is a US citizen (and we do not intend to change our status), does the child require a US passport to travel out to the country of his parents permanent residency?

The Expert answers:

The child would need a US passport to travel in and out of the US. He can you your original country’s passport to travel anywhere else. The child would not be eligible for any type of US visa in that passport.

Linda asks…

What could represent a middle-born child or first-born daughter?

I have to make a Coat of Arms for my British Literature Class. I have to have something that represents my rank in my family. I have an older brother and a younger sister making me the middle-born child and the first born daughter. I have no idea what I could put on here to represent that.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance!

The Expert answers:

Have a look at this site, it goes over a lot of the symbols. For a girl, perhaps a raven (This represents: Raven – Divine providence) or a Vulture (This represents: Vulture- Purification and maternity; also, virginity (in Christianity)

William asks…

How to get to know whether a new born child is normal?

In how many days we get to know that the new born child is normal? If he can cry, then we will know that he can speak.
What about hearing and other senses?

The Expert answers:

You won’t know for a very long time whether everything is what society would term as “normal”. My younger sister wasn’t diagnosed with autism until she was 10 years old.

Basically as their brain and body develops you’ll notice more and more personality and behavioural traits. Babies who can’t hear shouldn’t cry very much as they don’t understand the effect but a hearing test will be performed around 8 weeks. Sight is a different matter, you can do little things once she gets to about 8 weeks such as shining a light and seeing if she follows it or shuts her eyes when you chine it at her. My sister wasn’t found out to be blind until she was nearly a year old because there was nothing wrong with her eyes, in the end they found out it was like a lose connection between them and her brain and simply fixed it and now her sight is better than mine!

Walking and crawling and things are all relative. Don’t keep comparing your child to standard as you will be bound to find something your child starts doing late. It’s not a competition and just because your child says mamma at 6 months doesn’t mean they’ll be amazing speakers or any cleverer. I could walk from 10 months but refused to let go of the furniture till I was 1 nd half cos I was a nervous child! IT’s just about personality.

Obviously if something doesn’t develop until very late on, say they weren’t even standing by 1 you’d probably need to ask advice.

Susan asks…

Can a mother take her Canadian-born child from Canada to Peru without the father’s consent?

The mother is a citizen of Peru and is a permanent resident in Canada. She is taking her Canadian-born son to Peru for several months although the child‘s Canadian father doesn’t want this. The mother and father are still married.

The Expert answers:

No, she cannot. Immigration and other authorities are on the lookout for custodial kidnapping. She stands a VERY good chance of being stopped at the airport if she doesn’t have a signed document from him giving permission.

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