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Thomas asks…

What is included in the gift bag you get from Babies R Us for registering in the store?

I want to go on ahead and register on-line, but I am afraid I’ll miss out on a lot of good items in the goody/gift bag they give moms-to-be when registering in-store.

The nearest Babies R Us is pretty far away from me, so I just wanted to know if it would be worth the wait and drive to get the goody bag.


The Expert answers:

It’s all junk really, a few coupons on diapers if you buy 2 boxes or something and then one diaper in a big box so you think its something good, but no…and the cards that are printed that said you registered there so you can include them in your shower invitation and a spiral book to tell you what you will need to register for incase you are a first time parent and don’t have any clue but nothing super great worth a drive. I registered last week so i just went through the bag over the weekend so it should be about the same things.

Helen asks…

How long does it take for Babies R Us refund?

Today I returned some clothes my son got from this store and the clerk said the refund would be back on my debit card immediately but…no refund. I called the Babies R Us line and the department I am suppose to talk with is closed until Monday. I intended to buy him clothes that would fit…so…I guess I am out of luck.

Anybody have experience with this?

The Expert answers:

Its not actually down to babies r us they just follow a banking process. It generally takes up to 48 working hours for a refund to go back into your bank account. So it may not be there til monday now as its not a working day tmorow xx
the person behind the counter has given u the wrong information, you may want to bring this up with them so they can properly train her/him

John asks…

What wholesale distributor does walmart, target, and/or babies r us use for their baby products?

I’m looking to start my own baby store and was wondering where to order brand name products like walmart, target, and babies r us carry.

The Expert answers:

I believe that the Big Dogs, like Walmart, generally deal directly with the manufacturer, instead of a wholesaler. This helps then achieve the lowest possible price.

Betty asks…

How long should shipping take, babies r us?

I ordered my daughters convertible car seat online from Babies R Us because the 15% coupon I have isn’t good yet, so I used one online. Also when I signed up for the babies r us rewards program I got $15 off of shipping.

So, I ordered her carseat yesterday morning, at like 10. It was regular ground shipping, 6-10 business days. Some companies tend to take the 6 days, others closer to 10.

Whats your experience, should I expect it sooner, or later?


The Expert answers:

I had ordered some baby things online from babies r us and I received them within 6 days.

A car seat is kind of big so I don’t know if that would have anything to do with later shipping.

Chris asks…

Does anybody know how to get to babies r us from the dayton mall?

I live up the street from the dayton mall but I really don’t remember where babies r us is located, i think its next to toys r us but i need to know where babies r us is at from the dayton mall. please help
What stores is babies r us next to?

The Expert answers:

It’s located next to Office Depot, SoccerPlus, and Amar India– behind Barnes and Nobles Books that is next to Starbucks and Pier 1.

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