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Mary asks…

Where can I get free samples of baby stuff and coupons Valid for India,Especially Bangalore.?

I am looking for free samples and offers for baby stuffs in banagalore.
Please let me know if you have come across any good websites.. valid in india.

The Expert answers:

Um if you are indian you should know that no one really uses coupons… just have to bargain for the best deal!!

Donna asks…

does anyone know where i can get free baby stuff such as samples?

Does anyone know any sites I can go to that I can get free baby stuff such as starter kit and sample formula, little things like that and coupons and little samples stuff. I used to get a ton of stuff before I got pregnan tbut I cant find any good sites anymore, you have to do aton of surverys on all of them. Let me know please

The Expert answers:

Sign up for the following sites:

there all official sites and you don’t have to jump thru hoops…if you want, you can put in the date of birth as sooner so that they’ll send your coupons and freebies sooner.

The coupons are for $1 to $11 off name brand formulas, plus they send free, full-size samples! My baby isn’t due till april and i have 3 cans full size powder formula (similac, totally free), 1 can liquid formula (goodstart, paid 1.69 for it) and two free diapers (their really stingy with the pampers). Plus, i have like 8 coupons for $5-$11 off my favorite brands of formula!


James asks…

where can i find free samples on baby stuff, without all the complicated stuff that some sites put you through?

I want to be able to get samples on baby products, but have had a hard time finding a place that can really help. The other sites make apply with other programs and you have to buy stuff to get the sample which doesnt make any sense, can anyone help?

The Expert answers:

Similac, Enfamil, GoodStart, Gerber…All of those websites you can sign up on and get free diaper, wipes, gerber coupons and formula checks =)

Daniel asks…

Free baby samples/stuff?

I am in the UK and am just wondering if anyone knows of any good free baby samples or vouchers I can claim online? Or even some good free samples to pamper myself?!! haha 🙂

The Expert answers:

You can google it and you’ll find a lot of websites popping up. That’s how my sister in law gets free stuff. Or you can goggle free baby samples and you’ll find a lot of wesites that are going to help you out

Susan asks…

Where can I get free samples of baby stuff?

Like packs of wipes, diapers, sample size stuff?? 10 points most informative
little more thorough than that please..what websites?

The Expert answers:

Just go to the sites, like or huggies, i remember my mom got a bunch of free stuff.

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