Your Questions About Baby Care

James asks…

what do massage therapist do and how long to be one and salary?

The Expert answers:

Massage therapists do not do body scrubs and facials. The training usually requires less than a year. They usually make about $30,000 per year.

The people I know who have studied massage therapy have not been successful in getting jobs. Health insurance doesn’t usually cover massage therapy. Given the current economic situation, few people have the money to pay for massage.

If you want to study massage therapy, I’d recommend that you look for one at a community college or technical college. These programs are usually much less expensive than the ones offered at private massage schools.

Chris asks…

How old do you have to be to rent and drive a waverunner in Cancun Mexico?

The Expert answers:

I love Waverunners and you have to be at least 18! 🙂

Maria asks…

Would you have a threesome with your wife and another guy?

The Expert answers:

I wouldn’t because she’s your wife and like if you care about her that much then you wouldn’t let something like that happen lol if it was just your girlfriend then thass a different story. Haha (x all depends on how much you care about her

Thomas asks…

Can I get a list of all private and also a separate list of government hospitals (2 lists) in India?

The Expert answers:

Search on google

George asks…

What are some fun and feminine baby girl names?

The Expert answers:

Aaliyah Julianne
Abigail Julianne
Azalea Julianne
Azura Julianne
Adia Julianne
Dahlia Julianne
Briony Julianne
Bethany Julianne
Felicia Julianne
Clarissa Julianne
Amelia Julianne
Audrey Julianne
Aria Julianne
Aubrey Julianne
Anya Julianne
Asha Julianne
Alexa Julianne
Aftyn Julianna
Avril Julianne
Ashlynn Julianna
Aurora Julianne
Cassidy Julianne
Cora Julianne
Cecilia Julianne
Celeste Julianna
Chloe Julianne
Courtney Julianne
Cressida Julianne
Darcy Julianne
Daniela Julianne
Gabriela Julianne
Amelie Julianne
Amira Julianne
Fia Julianne
Amina Julianne
Annaliese Julianne
Rosaleigh Julianne
Esme Julianne
Etta Julianne
Stella Julianne
Faye Julianne
Fiona Julianne
Geneva Julianne
Genevieve Julianne
Hala Julianne
Hailey Julianne
Halley Julianne
Heidi Julianne
Holly Julianne
Heather Julianne
Harmony Julianna
Melody Julianna
Hyacinth Julianne
Iris Julianne
Isla Julianne
Isolde Julianne
Ivy Julianne
Isabella Julianne
Anabella Julianne
Jessenia Julianne
Jessamine Julianne
Juniper Julianne
Kaila Julianne
Keira Julianne
Keely Julianne
Kylie Julianne
Kimberly Julianne
Kelsey Julianne
Valerie Julianne
Vera Julianne
Anneke Julianne
Dannica Julianne
Lily Julianne
Lilith Julianne
Lilac Julianne
Lavender Julianne
Laurel Julianne
Leila Julianne
Leah Julianne
Lucia Julianne
Lorelai Julianne
Maya Julianne
Mackenzie Julianne
Maisie Julianne
Mara Julianne
Miriam Julianne
Mavis Julianna
Margot Julianne
Melanie Julianne
Melissa Julianne
Meredith Julianne
Merry Julianne
Michaela Julianne
Mireya Julianne
Mariah Julianne
Miranda Julianne
Natalie Julianna
Natasha Julianne
Nova Julianne
Nora Julianne
Nola Julianne
Noelle Julianna
Olivia Julianne
Raquel Julianne
Rochell Julianne
Rachel Julianne
Rebecca Julianne
Rafaela Julianne
Sabella Julianne
Sabra Julianne
Savia Julianne
Shiloh Julianne
Sierra Julianne
Stella Julianne
Scarlet Julianne
Sadie Julianne
Charlotte Julianne
Victoria Julianne
Amberleigh Julianne
Samantha Julianne
Silvia Julianne
Sonya Julianne
Angelique Julianne
Talia Julianne
Tavia Julianne
Tiana Julianne
Tara Julianne
Tecla Julianne
Tia Julianne
Tabitha Julianne
Veronica Julianne
Zara Julianne

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