Your Questions About Baby Care

Mark asks…

What are some natural products for baby care? like lotions, shampoo, body wash, oil?

My friend is interested in natural ways and all I know so far is olive oil is good for babies. I was wondering if anyone knows what are some natural ways for baby care?

The Expert answers:

I use almond oil to massage my baby and for hair I use coconut oil. Also, you can use almond oil for yourself as well. Almond oil has a natural bleech agent. It gives your skin narishment and shine natural way. You don’t need to use any kind of lotion after that.

Thomas asks…

Does the baby care if you drink while pregnant?

i mean, doctors and family members and all say that drinking is bad during pregnancy. BUT does the BABY care?

The Expert answers:

I’m sure they won’t after a while.. Since it will probably destroy their brain.

Richard asks…

How do i look after a real care baby without experiencing any problems?

I am getting a real care baby today for a school project and i really want to do well. It will cry when it wants it’s nappy changed, winding or feeding. But how do i know which one of the above it needs/wants?

The Expert answers:

It’s great that you want to do well! So, here’s the take-home lesson: you don’t know what the baby wants when it cries.

This is as true of real care babies as it is for actual babies. The point is to show you that being a good parent is trying to do everything you can to take care of your baby, even if doing everything is frustrating. It’s to illustrate that while babies are cute and lovable, they are a lot of work to care for and can easily run you into the ground.

To do well all you really need to do is be attentive. Try to do what you can and keep on doing it when the baby continues to cry. Many new mothers are shocked that they cannot tell why their baby is crying and do the cycle in real life – check for a wet diaper, feed, burp, cuddle, etc. Some babies just continue to cry for no known reason and this is known as colic.

Most of the abuse and neglect cases against infants involve a parent under the age of 25 – children can easily frustrate you and without extensive life experience, it’s easy to lash out all of a sudden and do something regrettable. That’s why these babies were invented – to prevent not only the child abuse, but also encourage contraceptive use so that fewer unwanted pregnancies occur in the first place.

Just wanting to do a good job is a big step in the right direction and a big part of what it takes to be a competent caregiver. Don’t worry, you’ll do fine. And even if you don’t do perfectly, remember that no parent is perfect and that it also might mean you’re not ready to be a mom just yet.

Good luck!

Laura asks…

How do you take care of real care baby 2?

I am taking parenting class and this weekend I am taking real care baby 2 home. I heard that they are really hard to take care of. Is this true? I am actually taking the baby home tomorrow. I am nervouse that I am going to mess up.

The Expert answers:

Here is a web site on this baby, take a look it may help you. Good Luck honey and take this serious.

Mandy asks…

How to care for baby hamsters?

My little sister has hamsters and they just had three baby hamster. One of the hamsters is 1/4 of the weight of the others. Is there any special care baby hamsters need? Should the father be separated from the babies?

The Expert answers:

This depends, if the hamsters are Syrians (regular sized) then dad should be removed ASAP, and should have been removed long ago. If the hamsters are dwarfs, which considering dad and mom are together and neither has killed the other, I am inclined to assume they are, then you can leave dad in with mom, and he will help raise the babies, especially if they are Campbell’s dwarfs.

I have been breeding hamsters for years and my first litter was a mistake because mom came home from the store pregnant, but I enjoyed it so much I have done it many times since but these times with planning. Congratulations on your new babies, I am expecting some here soon myself!

Separate the father only if you don’t want more babies. Assuming they are dwarfs, she would enjoy the help – BUT he will probably get mom pregnant again too so if you keep him in there, expect more babies.

Mom will feed the babies so you shouldn’t worry about it, neither should you touch them. Mom’s regular food mix should be good for her but to be on the safe side you could add some protein to her diet, peanuts and boiled egg whites are a great way to do this, but remove uneaten egg after a day or so because it will go bad.

How long you have to wait to touch the babies varies, as a general rule of thumb, excepting emergencies, do not handle the babies until their eyes open and they crawl out of the nest themselves. Even if one accidentally gets dragged out when mom leaves to get a drink, leave it, mom will usually come back for it herself. With dwarfs the age varies with breed but with Campbells dwarfs, they will start crawling out of the nest on their own usually around 14-16 days of age. At around 3 weeks or 21 days they can be separated from mom, and should be separated into two groups, brothers and sisters and housed separately to prevent accidental inbreeding. This is a great time to handle and socialize the little ones for a few weeks before finding them new homes.

When its time – be careful handling the baby hamsters, they are unsteady and can lurch about unexpectedly at amazing speeds, handle them around a soft surface like a bed where if they fall they won’t get hurt.

Included below is a site with a few more specifics on the different breeds.

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