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Sharon asks…

I need babies R us Coupons or ones for Chicco Brand?

I have the 15% off one from BRU but I was wondering if anyone knew of where I can find coupons or discounts for Babies R Us or Chicco brand travel systems. I am NOT ordering online so online codes do not help I need to print them off and bring to the store. Thanks!

The Expert answers:

We bought a Chicco brand travel stroller and the best coupon we found was %15 off. Those strollers are expensive…….as I am sure you know. I think that is probably the best coupon you will be able to find.

Ken asks…

Where can I get Babies R Us coupons?

I need printable coupons or any type of discounts because Im buying a lot furniture,bedding, and accessories. The price is adding up to a lot so I wanted to find coupons that would make any type of price reduction.

The Expert answers:

You can sign up for their rewards program and they will send them to u in the mail and to ur email. You can also create a registry even if your not having a shower just call it your wish list and then you will get a book of coupons and also a percentage off your entire purchase. Hope this helps!

Mary asks…

Does anyone know where I can find current babies r us coupons?

I was supposed to buy a stroller today, but I lost the coupon. Does anyone know of a place I can get it online?

The Expert answers:

Here ya go

Lizzie asks…

anyone know where I can find printable babies r us coupons online?

I am only finding really old ones and I dont think that I am looking in the right places. Thanks!

The Expert answers:

Http:// …try that link have a great day

Richard asks…

Babies r Us coupons at other stores?

I was told by a friend yesterday that Wal-Mart accepts babies r us coupons…..Has anyone else done this or know if its true?

The Expert answers:

Nope, i haven’t try that
you can call walmart to verify

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