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Nancy asks…

Where can I find July 4th baby clothes?

I have a reborn doll (a collector’s doll that’s made to look like a real baby) that I like to dress up for the holidays. I’m having a hard time finding Fourth of July baby clothes. You know, red, white and blue, stars, stripes, flags, stuff like that. Last year at this time, Walmart had tons of them, but this year, nothing. She has to have short sleeves, can’t be sleeveless because the cloth body would show and it has to be newborn or size 0-3 months because anything else is too big on her. Anyone know of a baby boutique online that makes baby clothes for the holidays?
(If you’d like to see her, you can click on this link, she’s cute!)

The Expert answers:

She looks so real. Try

William asks…

i’m opening a store that sells newborn through 6x clothing. Should it be called a baby or children’s boutique?

The only options are to call it a baby Boutique or a Children’s Boutique.
In the fliers it will be a baby and children’s boutique. But just for the physical name on the building, should it be baby or children’s?

The Expert answers:

Young Children’s Boutique.

It really depends…the range of ages you’re dealing with is generally covered by the term ‘toddler’.


Maria asks…

Where do you find cute baby clothes?

Away from the obvious,really popular ones.Like online stores/childrens boutique.My girls are 6 weeks old,and in a newborn/0-3 months size.

The Expert answers:

I got some really cute baby clothes from Gordmans. Kohl’s, JC Penny and Old Navy also have really cute stuff.

Good Luck!

Chris asks…

How much profit can be made owning a children a baby/ children’s boutique?

We are in the process of opening a childrens boutique that sells clothing, shoes, and accessories for newborn to toddler age children. I am wondering if anyone knows what kind of monthly revenue sales I could expect – on average.

The Expert answers:

Good luck to ya girl. I dont think anyone can even begin to estimate a monthy revenue without knowing more about the business. It depends on your location, cost of merchandise, rent, utilities, advertising, employees, etc, and how good business goes. You may very well lose money for awhile. Im sure youve heard that most new businesses fail. So I hope your monthly revenue sales are huge-beyond your dreams. But no one can say for sure!

Ken asks…

Ideas for preemie clothes?

I am worried that I am going to deliver my baby soon at 31-32 weeks. Everything in regards to that will be all sorted out, and my local hospital is very good so I am not worried about that (at least I am not letting myself think too much about it). But what I am worried about now is clothes. My first son was 6 lbs 2 oz when he was born at 37 weeks and it was so hard to find clothes for him that fit properly….let alone a baby born at 32 weeks. I don’t really want to go out and spend a fortune on special preemie clothes. My husband says we’ll just keep him or her wrapped up in blankets all the time because all newborns do is sleep anyway. But I can’t help but feel that there has to be a better but still inexpensive way to clothe a preemie (or at least not expensive baby clothes boutique prices). It may not even be an issue, but my instincts tell me otherwise so I would like to be prepared beforehand. I have heard about using doll clothes, is that a horrible idea if all else fails…the idea just sounds strange to me…

The Expert answers:

Try consignment and thrift stores. They frequently have gently worn preemie size clothes and they’re not expensive. WalMart also carries preemie sizes.

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