Your Questions About Baby Care

Linda asks…

Where can i find online baby games?

Truthfully, ill just out right and say it…my older brother go this chick pregnant and guess whos taking care of the baby!!so..i wanted to know if there where any online games that can help me get ready for taking care of this baby……any help?

The Expert answers:

First you go to google and put in the baby browers game then you click on “the baby browers game the offical website..ect”

Joseph asks…

what are some good online baby games?

What are some fun online baby games that the girl I babysit can play? She likes to play that kind of stuff.

The Expert answers:

Some good online baby games sites are…


Good luck!

Ken asks…

Any free virtual baby games online with no download?

I’m looking for a virtual baby game were you change,feed and bathe babies.It has to be online 100% free with NO download.I’ve already tried Nanny Nelly,Kindergarten,Maternal Hospital,Nicole’s Mommy Challenge,Ultimate Babysitter and Ultimate Babysitter 2.I have also tried and You!!!!! Oh one more thing i can not install anything.

The Expert answers:


Lisa asks…

Do you know any good virtule baby games online that are free? or Real life driving games?

I do not want games like Kindergarten! I also do not want racing game. I would like games were you have to follow real life driving rules. Thank You!!

The Expert answers:

Feeding Games

Paul asks…

Is there any baby games online where you can like feed the baby and stuff?

dont say baby luv please

The Expert answers:

Kindergarten on

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