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Nancy asks…

How do I stop cats killing our birds and mice?

The Expert answers:

ALL animals MUST be on their owners property AT ALL TIMES. If the animal is off of the owners property, it MUST be under control of the owner and on a LEASH!

Steven asks…

If you shoot yourself in the jaw and your jaw completely falls off. How long do you have till you pass out?

The Expert answers:

Not long.

David asks…

How many of you have taken breaks and quit your job to rest for a while?

The Expert answers:

You need to be prepared to answer for any gaps in your resume, when you do start looking again. You may have a perfectly good reason but you have to spin it properly when you explain that. “I quit my job and slept for three months” will not sound as good as “I needed a break, so I saved for a year then took a backpacking trip through Europe/remodelled my house/took my family on vacation/spent some extra time at home with my kids” even if you are talking about the same situation.

One thing that tends to creep in after being out of work from burnout…is a sense of laziness and a little depression.

Make sure that you are financially prepared for gaps in your employment. Think about emergency money, cost of living increases (including our beloved gasoline) as well as savings. Don’t step out of a job if you don’t have a plan.

You might consider a different kind of job all together while you get some distance from your career job. Maybe instead of choosing to be unemployed totally, you can do something that is the opposite of what you do now. If you always work indoors, take something outdoors (now is the time to line up something temporary for the summer) or if you are in a people sort of job, do something industrial. If you look at your skills in a broad sense you can apply many of them to any job. Things like organizing skills, basic work ethic, computer skills, people skills.

Related, maybe you can do exactly your job but renew your spirits in a different way. Maybe you can go to a different city or a different company. Maybe you can start preparing for a promotion, such as taking some extra classes. Off the job too…join a hobby group, take up a cause. Sometimes stagnant feelings have nothing to do with the job, and a little boost from our social scene makes everything better.

Last thing is that I can commend you for realizing that you may need a break and to do something about it before there is a huge gap in your productivity.

EDIT NOW: See if you can talk to someone at work, sort of off the record…and find out if you would HAVE to quit your job in order to take some time off. There may be a way to get a sabbatical, an extended leave or vacation. I would definitely max out my vacation/PTO days and see if that helps before I assume I need to leave the job.

Chris asks…

What color eyeliner would go with blue eyes and dirty blond hair?

The Expert answers:

Try gold eyeliner ll over your top lid, and under your lash line. A dark dark dark, brownish plum color would be good for and dark lines you want.. Recommend at the outer corners, going around them a tiny bit adds length. Get mascara and curl your lashes. Sure it may be a to rcher device first few times you use it, but it makes your eyes open up more. A thin bit of mascara would help with that too. (if you curl them)

try it out a couple of times at home before a shower or something and just play with it. That will help the most

Robert asks…

Why does posting on the computer create a culture of incivility and cowardice?

The Expert answers:

I’m not sure all the things I see posted… Crude, perverted, mean, etc… Are all because of it being anonymous only. I sometimes think those people would be like that in daily life, if it were allowed and publicly accepted. To some extent, those people most likely ARE like they are here… Just not quite so public about it. Just my opinion based on the fact you most likely won’t be so opposite of what you normally are.. Just a little less of it face to face?
Kind of like not swearing in front of parents, yet swearing up a storm in front of friends who do the same. You swear, just not around certain people who may hear and disapprove.
Then… You get those who don’t care how offensive, mean, rude or crude they are… Here or in daily life.

Even anonymous.. I don’t aim to hurt or treat others badly. There has to be a part of a person that already doesn’t care how they treat others, even to bring it to an anonymous site… In my opinion.

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