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James asks…

Looking for websites to get discount coupons on baby stuff, products, etc?

I’m in Canada and looking for baby coupons. I have found a few websites but wondering what else is out there that I may have missed. I am only interested in the reliable and free shipping websites.

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Richard asks…

Where to get baby stuff?

My friend is having a baby boy in November and she has NOTHING.. I want to help her but i don’t have any money. I have been asking people but no one will help. Im so upset that i cant help her. If anyone has free baby stuff please contact me. I will pay for shipping.Thanks in advance.

The Expert answers:

Why dont you try going to and see if there are any sales in your area. That why you can buy stuff really cheap. I got my baby 5 outfits and a coat for $20. My baby is still young so I do not have any stuff to give away yet.

Betty asks…

on ebay, if i buy lots of stuff on ebay but from different people, do i get free shipping or anything?

it says for the spring/summer season thing, if i order 100 bucks or more, than shipping is free, is that true?? does it have to be from only the same seller? baby steps again please. thanks

The Expert answers:

I would investigate that claim of free shipping a bit more…it could be with just participating power sellers, etc.

You have to think of eBay as one BIG GLOBAL flea market. EACH booth at the flea market is owned by an individual, so you can’t expect dealer “A” to give you a discount on one thing you bought from them because you bought 10 things from dealer “B”….

The best you can do is check out what other items the seller is selling that you would be interesting in buying, contact the buyer and ask them what’s the best price for shipping they can do for items A, B and C.

There is an newer ADDED feedback features that will help you see how fair the seller is with the shipping costs—just click on the feedback number itself and you will see how their customers rate their skills–communication, shipping costs, etc.

When scrolling down the page of items you’ve pulled up on a search, you should see the shipping costs. If there are SEVERAL “like items” check out their shipping charges. For example, I posted a book tonight that I’ve mailed several times and know that with a tracker, it will cost $4.50—someone else has the same cookbook and they say shipping is $6.95….gee…find out why!

Lizzie asks…

where i can find free sample for my country (bahrain)?

Hi there, i am resident for Bahrain. i would like to get some free product sample of cosmetic and baby stuff. there should be no shipping charge. it should be totally free shipped to my country

The Expert answers:

Why do you expect any company sending you anything for free? Are companies in your home country sending samples aboard for free?
I do not think so. If samples are free, for shipping costs you always have to pay.

Take care.

William asks…

Give stuff away for free and make money?

My friend has this idea of giving baby products away for free on a website and make money. I keep telling her that the only way she could do that it’s through ads when her website gets popular. She said she was going to make it through shipments. I don’t think this is the way to go because she doesn’t own a shipping company and cannot make money using that route. What do you think?

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