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David asks…

Buying a baby sling in British Columbia Canada?

I’m looking for a place to buy a baby sling (preferably a pouch type of sling) in Prince George, British Columbia – I don’t live there but I’ll be driving through this weekend (It’s the closest big city to me). If anyone can help me out that would be great, thanks!

I’ve attached a link of what kind of sling I would like (I will buy this one online if I have to, but I would like to buy from a actual store so I can try it on kind of thing. I just feel more comfortable shopping in person!)
Oh and I REALLY like this one!!!

The Expert answers:

Is it the prints that you like? Cause finding those in store may be next to impossible….
Http:// Baby gear stores in Prince george BC

Sears sells the hotslings so i would check there first and if you can sew….Here ya go…I made my hotsling cause i couldnt find a print i liked..The fabric cost me 4 dollars…..

Ruth asks…

Where online can I buy stylish clothes sz 14-16?

I am a bit bigger than I used to be, after having a baby this year. I wouldn’t quite put myself at plus size, but almost. I live in a small town on Vancouver Island, the closest shopping is 2.5hrs away, and even then the best you get is Gap.
I would love some tips on good sites, that will ship to Canada, and have styles for a mom who is active and in her late 20’s, hopefully reasonably priced. Thank you.

The Expert answers:

Susan asks…

birthday present for one year old?

Hi! my niece is going to be one year next month. I was thinking of giving her some toys or a dress…..(I have no experience with babies). Could you suggest anything else. Also kindly inform me about some good online shopping sites bcos I will be in canada during her birthday and she lives in dallas. I haven’t thought about the budget yet but i guess it will be something around 70 US dollars.

The Expert answers:

I’m a mama to a baby boy who will be 1 next saturday (cant believe it!). And I am still trying to figure out what I should get him. His aunt and uncle spent about $70 at on a wooden toy for him by Plan Toys. It’s a push behind walker that looks like a car and has lots of wooden blocks inside to play with. This is probably not the best for a girl but I do have a point. When I looked at it online before it arrived it seemed to me to be wayyy over priced for a “wooden toy” but as soon as it arrived I understood. This toy is so well made, it could be in a classroom full of preschoolers, beat to death every day, and still look great after many many years. It is sooo adorable and built to last. The walker will be fun while he is learning to walk and the blocks will provide entertainment up through his imaginative years, he will have this toy for a longgg time. Not to mention the wood is “green”, sustainable resource, and the paints are natural and non toxic. Wayyy better than any plastic toy out there. I would highly recommend shopping around on Plan Toy’s website and find something cute for your niece. I know they are sold at cuz that’s where they bought it from but they’re sold many other places too. Sorry if I sound like a pitch woman for this company lol but I am a huge fan now and can’t wait till my son gets to open his gift from them next week. Best wishes to you to find something special 🙂

Linda asks…

Highchair and Cotbed for sale Port Moody, Vancouver?

Does anyone know of a good store in Port Moody, Vancouver that sells baby highchairs and cot/cotbeds at reasonable prices. Would like an online site or shop with telephone number that has a delivery service. Need to buy my baby grand daughter a present and I live in Uk, so need to buy & pay for item in Canada

The Expert answers:

I used to live in Port Moody… I miss it.

Richard asks…

Ohkay so I have to get two dresses for…?

Ohkay so tomorrow I’m going shopping and me and my friend need to find two dresses. Our theme thingy is pink and black/ It’s for a show thing but they need to be the same. They need to be baby pink and black black , short and poofy and perferrably spaghetti strapped or tube. Actually doesn’t matter we just want to look good. And we are dressing kind of like dolls so any other ideas are welcome. And we want big bows in our hair the same colours and like make – up ideas too. Links Please : D! And it needs to be in Canada in stores. NOT online.

Thankss ! <33
Umm. In Canada && Not th dress pink and black a dress that comes in baby pink and black. So it’s one dress but it comes in 2 different colours at least. Baby Pink and Black.

The Expert answers:

…………………….HOT TOPIC OUTFITT [pink &black]……….


Hot pink and black jewelry (to wear WITH dress)


…………………………… CHARLOTTE RUSSE getup

Cute dress

Matchin themed necklace

Matchy Shoes

Wear one of the Pink And one of the black

Hope I helped!

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