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Susan asks…

DA friend told me today the baby crib recall was extended to any crib that has a side that drop down?

This recall originally started with stork cribs that have the drop down side but I was told now it is ANY crib ANY brand that has a drop down side. I can’t find anything on thing on the internet about this. Does anyone know? I have two cribs with drop down sides. One is a Kolocraft and the other is Kmart Manufactering.

The Expert answers:

Here’s the article:

John asks…

Recalled baby cribs- a strange question?

I was wondering, due to the recent crib recalls and everything, how many of you moms wonder if the cribs were put together by the dads- and they didn’t read the instructions first? Haha!

Ok, I know this is a ‘serious’ issue and all, but I read drop-sided cribs are to blame for 32 infant deaths since 2000. Is there any reference to drop-side cribs being linked to deaths before 2000? Like even back to the 80’s? If so, how many babies died due to problems with drop sides?

I don’t think it is due to the fact that the sides drop down, I think it’s the cheaper parts used to save the manufacturer some money. I currently own a Storkcraft crib that was on the last recall list. I have not gotten the parts to permanetly secure the dropside in place because 1. My crib is in excellent shape and there has been no visible wear on the parts in question (which is the reason for the recall– worn plastic tracks) and 2. I prefer the side down anyways so I can get my baby out! I mean, have you ever tried getting your baby out of the crib while the mattress is on the lowest setting and the railing is completely up? It’s tough!

So mom, are you paranoid about recalled baby products? How do you react if one of your things is on the recall list? Am I the only one who checks out the item and decides mine is ok and doesn’t need replacing or fixed?
Thanks! 🙂
By the way, this is our second child using the crib!
JustMe, I understand your view, but yes, I actually DO check it every day! However, I keep the side down, so it has no place to fall, and no way of comming undone in that position. It [the problem] only applies when the side is up and locked in place.

The Expert answers:

My crib was purchased in 1979 (was my sisters and mine)…. It has metal drop side rails, and a metal spring platform to hold the mattress up… Metal everything that moves or prevents movement. The recalls are because of all the cheaply made plastic garbage now-a-days!

Linda asks…

baby crib recalls Please read this I know this cribs are very popular and a child has died?

this is the site to go to ..make sure you child dont have this crib!!!!!!!!!Lucky mine didnt…But my niece had this crib..!
I meant yes…A child has died from this crib..!!!!!!!!!!

The Expert answers:

Awe thats my sons crib thanks so much!!

Jenny asks…

What do you think about the latest recall?? One MILLION baby cribs!?!?!?

like the related link asks – “How do you stay vigilant without living in constant fear?”

The Expert answers:

And this is coming from a mommy with a kiddo in the same brand of crib that’s being recalled (our model number didn’t match the recall, but we came close).

In this case, the recall is based on a part flaw that allows parents to assemble the crib side bar upside down, creating a gap where the kiddos can get hurt (or worse). However, if the directions are followed correctly this should be a problem and the crib should be safe and sound. This is mainly a case of user error where the manufacturer is just trying to cover all bases and prevent user error. These cribs aren’t really death traps.

However, recent cases in the news of spinach, peanut butter, and hot dog chili being recalled – plus all of the plastic toy recalls…it does make you feel like danger is just one bad purchase away. Unfortunately we can’t be vigilant. There’s no predicting when or where a food, toy, piece of furniture, etc. Is going to be recalled. All we can do is hope for the best!

Donna asks…

Babies R US & Toys R US cribs recalled; is your baby’s crib on the list?

I just came accross the link of cribs that were recalled by Babies R US and Toys R US:

I’m wondering if those are the ONLY cribs they are going to recall? Because my son’s crib is made by that company; but his model wasn’t on the list.

The Expert answers:

I think it is just those models. My crib is on the list unfortunately. One of the slats just broke off the other day. Thank goodness I’m expecting another baby this month or she wouldn’t have a crib to sleep in. She now has her sisters and her sister will be getting a new one when I get my packet in the mail.

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