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William asks…

babysitting jobs?

I am 15 years old and have been babysitting for four years but I would like to get some more jobs. What are some good ways to do this?

The Expert answers:

A lot depends on where you live, a small town where you know everyone a note in the grocery store or laundry mat with tear off tags with your phone number should be safe. If you live in a metro area where you would be at the mercy of strangers that would NOT be the thing to do…. If you live where everyone doesn’t now every one, a note on your Church bulletin board or in your church bulletin its self should be safe, your Pastor would be able to tell you if he knew the people and your parents also could meet them at church. You could ask the people you sit for already to refer you to their friends and you could check them out that way. The biggest worry is you getting stuck with a person who has had to much to drink wanting to drive you home or worse……So the references thing goes both ways you want to know all about them as they should want to know who is watching their children. Your parents could ask their work friends……

Mandy asks…

Babysitting Jobs?

I live in the middle of nowhere. seriously, its a tiny town. I need more babysitting jobs, how do i get them? like, most people put up ads on like, sittercity, or like other big online things, but seriously, that doesn’t work for me, becuase my town is so small. So i’ve already put up an ad on craigslist and it worked, well, okay, so how do i get more jobs?

The Expert answers:

Tell your parents to spread the word at work, put up fliers, and talk to your neighbors. You can also get your friends to refer you to families they work for.

Joseph asks…

Babysitting jobs!!!!?

I’m a 15 year old girl who is looking for a babysitting job in sacramento, california any jobs available?

The Expert answers:

You look for a job site or Employment Agencies in CA

Steven asks…

How do you start getting babysitting jobs?

Im 13 years old and i want to start babysitting how do i start getting babysitting jobs?

The Expert answers:

In every how to get a job class i have ever taken they say word of mouth gets you the most work. So tell your friends, family, school teachers, sunday school leaders, people in line at the grocery store and you will get work faster i promise 🙂 all of the best jobs I have had, someone who knew someone got me the job. 🙂

Lisa asks…

How do I get babysitting jobs when another girl always gets the ones in our neighbourhood?

What is my best way to go about this? I am older, more mature, and have completed my CPR, First Aid, and babysitting courses. How do I get those jobs and not her?

The Expert answers:

The thing that worked for me when I was a teen was to literally go door to door with fliers. I put down my name, number, days of availability, qualifications and a complete list of references. Now as a parent, I have a list from my church that is similar (without the references) that I use. Try getting on a similar list or even start your own with some friends. You may think it would get you less jobs, but I know my friends and I usually go out the same nights and all the girls on the list sometimes get called. Good Luck.

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