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Charles asks…

Good baby toys NOT made in China?

I want to buy my baby lots of fun toys but everything seems to be made in china! Any good toy suggestions that aren’t made in china that I can get a regular toy store, walmart or target? It seems to be such a pain to go online and hunt sight unseen for toys. I’m looking ideas on toys people have or have seen that aren’t made in china and easily accessable. THANKS!

The Expert answers:

You may be surprised, but check the fisher price toys before you buy…many are made in mexico. I got my daughter a shape sorter and a ring stacker by fisher price, both made in mexico. Good Luck!

Ruth asks…

Where can I find baby bottles and other products that are NOT made in China?

Help! My wife and I are concerned about all the recalls for Chinese made products. We checked and all of our baby bottles are made in China. We do not want to use Chinese made toys or bottles any more. Please help us find alternative products.

The Expert answers:

Avent Bottles baby bottles are made from FDA-approved polycarbonate plastic….Also made in the USA

The scare with USA made bottles are unapproved/harmful plastics..

BORN FREE appears to be a very expensive SCHME and use the same FDA approved plastic….

Toys LEAPFROG and LAMAZE, be weary of all the fabric and other books they chew on………also check detergent…

OK with all that said BUY USA ONLY PRODUCTS for everyone in te household…………

William asks…

All the baby toys for a 6month old(like colorful rattles & teethers) are “Made in China”. Are they safe to buy

You know how 6month olds like to put everything in their mouth. like especially when they are teething. I want to buy some cute rattles and teething toys.

Only went to Walart and Target. EVERYTHING says “Made in China” Are these toys safe?

I keep thinking that they are and the stores do not take them off the shelves b/c the damage done is sooo long term that it would be impossible to link it to a toy they baby had at 6months.

I want to buy a cute gift for someone elses baby. Are these safe? If not can you recomment a cute little baby gift. Something very inexpensive. Don’t want to make it a big deal.


The Expert answers:

Personally I would not buy them. Also, no the stores would not pull them off of the shelves because there is no legislation or laws against this yet. Also, they only test a small percentage of toys that make it into America. Besides, to Wal-mart or any other store for that matter, the all mighty dollar is too important to pull lead tainted toys off of the shelf.

John asks…

Is there a baby teether that is not made in China?

I want to give her something for her aching gums, but I just can’t bring myself to let her stick any China made toys in her mouth due to the last years worth of recalls news.
Thanks a lot for the answers so far. I appreciate the links to the toy websites and have found some interesting teethers so far =) I was using Google too, but I guess I was using the wrong keywords. Just to clear it up, I’m not worried about all the toys that come from China, and i know that teethers aren’t painted on, so lead paint isn’t the concern. My real concern was any plastic pieces that may have any coating on them, because of the story about the Aquadots beads that when swallowed would react with stomach acid and create the date rape drug.

I know most teethers are considered just a water filled ring, and thus would probably be fine, but I am looking for something with a bit more texture to it. Sorry I didn’t make that clear. The super yummy teether looks awesome! I’ll have to check it out. Here is the source site for the Aquadots story…

The Expert answers:

“not made in china toystore”

my daughter’s favorite teether… If I remember correctly it’s made in Italy:

this is what came up when I googled “made in USA baby teethers”

rainwriterm has a point…. So far all I have found in the way of the recalls is the lead content in the paint. For plastic and rubber dyes, it’s a different process than toys that have been painted on. So just a water filled soft teether that is just in a shape and texture – not the kind that has any decals on it, should be fine.

Donald asks…

It is all over the news that some toys coming from china are not safe. where can a buy toys made in the U.S.?

My older brother is expecting a baby any day now and there are alot of little kids in my family.

The Expert answers:

This is really tough. Have you checked Cracker Barrel ( they have a toy section with AT LEAST a couple US toy’s). The only toy I currently have is the Tomas the Tank Engine Ultimate Set, which was made in Taiwan AND the US ( because Tawainese LOVE thomas). I can’t really help you much. You could always go online…

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