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George asks…

Any baby Games Free and no download Please tell me?

I will give you answer i get if you ask i will add you as a friend if you ask and by the way any game thats free and no download if you are reading this the games im looking for is for 1 of these any cleaning them and there diaper feeding them playing with it rocking it putting it to sleep and of course adopting it if it has any of those it will be great for me because i love bays when they giggle its so adorable so thank you if you give one like any of that yours truly miss fox.

The Expert answers:

Go 2 and there’s a game called kindergarden its pretty fun.

David asks…

Virtual Baby Games FREE without downloading?

I’m looking for a games that i can play that involves taking good care of a virtual baby. As well as no downloading involved. And I would hope it doesn’t give my computer viruses or make it slow.

If you could find a game for me like that, that would mean a lot to me. Thank you so much for your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Expert answers:

Caring Games

Donna asks…

What are some good free baby games?

Ok,so on Christmas,my family is coming over,and my 2 year old cousin Mckenzie (idk how to spell her name) is coming,so i wanted to find baby games for her to play with me.Any ideas?

The Expert answers:

– Pretend – Going shopping, tea party, kitchen, school
– Do her hair or paint her nails
– Go online (
– Throw a ball
– Coloring or drawing
– PlayDoe (which is really cheap)
– Bake cookies
– Go for walk and pick out things on the walk to talk about.
– Sing songs like ABCs, Old McDOnald, Happy Birthday, etc.
– Crafts like make a snowman out of cotton balls or cut out snow flakes (with safety scissors of coarse)
– Read her a story

Ruth asks…

Anyone know where to find “good” FREE baby games?

I am looking for a good free virtual baby game.
I have tried a lot but none of them keep my attention.
Thanks 🙂

The Expert answers:

You can Play some Good Free Baby Games Online here

Lisa asks…

Virtual baby games for free?

I used to have a Bebo account and on that account you could have a free virtual cartoon child. Where could i find one like it? I found one website but it was a video tape of an actual baby i was suppose to take care of of the computer. I want it to be a cartoon. Any ideas?

The Expert answers:


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