Your Questions About Baby Care

Sandra asks…

when i sign in for free baby stuff who will pay for the shipping?

i signed in for huggies and pampers and all that things hoping them will send me the free sampls but wondring who will pay for the shiping and does all the free sites comes free shipping too?thanks

The Expert answers:

They send you the free samples and they do pay for it because they want you to use their product and then if you like it you start buying it.

Laura asks…

Are there any baby sites to get free stuff with free shipping?

It’s reall hard, not having any money and taking care of our daughter. Any websites?

The Expert answers:

You can go to:
You sign up and get free coupons and samples of diapers, formula and more in the mail!
Also check the other offers on this site, there are good ones.

Jenny asks…

whats a web site that i can get free baby clothes and stuff ?

i am looking for a website that will send me baby clothes for free, and baby supplies like diappers and bottles. free shipping too.

please help!
like sample things, like onsies with company names on them or formula samples that come with bottles.

The Expert answers:

Try freecycle, it’s part of yahoo. Just a bunch of people in your area posting free stuff for other people to take. I give and get lots of baby stuff from people on freecycle

Paul asks…

where can i find free baby stuff??

im almost 10 weeks pregnant im a teen and i hardly have anything for me and the not really working at the moment but im volenteering at an animal shelter and baby sitting my little brother so i dont have that much money to buy stuff.where can i find a web site that will ship me free baby stuff for me and baby?

The Expert answers:

Freecycle is a great way to furnish your baby’s nursery and get all the baby gear you need, but for free baby products you should sign up for all of the baby product promotions and contests that you can find!

Look on the web and in baby magazines for options!

Chris asks…

Does anyone have any little girl baby stuff for cheap or free?

Im pregnant and due the end of this month. Ive done had a baby shower and still just dont seem to have everything I need. I dont have alot of money but would be willing to pay shipping and small fee for baby clothes and other stuff you might have around that you dont need any longer. Please no omg another welfare baby, i feel bad enough for the babies daddy is not around and im going to have to do it by myself. I just need help right now as i continue my education and become something for me and my child. My email is if you have anything to donate or would like to sell please email me. I dont know much about these question things and probably would never be able to reply back to you.

The Expert answers:

Go to this site and find in you city/county for free stuff. In my county works great. And everything is free. Http://

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