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Jenny asks…

Why is it illegal for males to change baby diapers in Daycare’s ?

my girlfriend works has worked in several daycares and she said the Department Of Human Services told her in a meeting at the day care that its illegal for any male to change a baby diaper in a day care.

but WHY????????
we live in iowa

The Expert answers:

Umm my sister works at a daycare she has a male partner for her group and they both change diapers.

Lisa asks…

Baby Diaper Question: Name brand, Online discount, or no name brand?

I currently buy, or should I say daddy buys, the Wal-mart brand – parents choice. They are affordable – the small pack of size 2, 48 quantity, costs only $6.00 or $7.00. the big box of size 3, 104 quantity was like $13.00 – and they are velcro tabs.

Well, I was looking up these diaper discount online services and was thrown at how expensive they are, but they all compare themselves to the name brand, but better. I guess compared to Huggies prices at the store, they are cheaper to buy in bulk in the online diaper brand.

But, where I spend $25 on generic diapers – I’d spend $50 online.

So, I was wondering what is your opinion? I want to save money – but i am not going to put my daughters well-being 2nd. Heck, I buy johnson and johnson and also (mainly) aveeno baby products only for her and we buy huggies natural care wipes.

The Expert answers:

I’f your not getting leaks or nappy rash from the no name brand then why change? It’s not doing her any harm. And the name brands have so many ‘stay dry’chemicals in them I can’t see them doing her any good

Lizzie asks…

They had their baby and can’t take care of it.?

My brother-in-law and his wife just delivered baby number 2. They haven’t figured out how to take care of baby #1 yet. Social services is chasing them in three states, they live in a world of complete filth. The only times my nephews get a bath is when they come to my house. We even buy their diapers. I went there yesterday and there was garbage everywhere, the baby was in a dirty diaper and the older one had trashed the house (so they claim). It’s been this way since baby #1 except my hubby and I took care of him until they ran from Social Services. I want to call, but I know if I do, I won’t see my nephews because they will run again. I’ve tried to teach proper parenting skills to both of them, even showed them how to bath and feed the children, but once I”m gone, nobody does it and the kids are neglected. I need some serious help in deciding what to do. I already have 5 of my own and can’t afford 2 more, but my heart says I’ll find a way and they’d be better off with us.
I should add that I work with Social Services, I know how the system works. With so many open cases against them, they will take the children. However, prior to doing that, once the initial investigator shows up, a family is usally allowed 24 hrs to make necessary changes. When they are given that time, that’s when they pack up and leave. Unfortunately, they know the system too!
My immediate supervisor at work already knows of the situation. Only she isn’t aware that the situation is worse than it was. I continue to go there on a daily basis, and I’ve suggested taking the children until they can get their act together, but they won’t hear of it. I’ve done follow up on their other cases in AL, IL, and SC and it’s not abuse, just neglect cases so they aren’t deemed high risk.

The Expert answers:

If it were me, I would try to get legal custody even if I couldn’t afford more children. I realize you having 5 children of your own is quite an enormous task but really, when you think about it, could you really afford them? Technichally, logistically, no… But you manage. I agree with you, you will find a way and they would be better off with you. Being low income doesn’t mean loveless and neglected children any more than being rich means the children are loved and cared for. Your nephews would be better off with you.

Maria asks…

baby stuff prices?

what are the prices of baby immunization shots, six well baby care visits, anesthesia,doctors fee,hospital room for 3 days,diaper service.
i know they vary but i just need an answer

i would be thankful even if only some of them were answers

The Expert answers:

Well the shots aere like 180 with no insurance…… Anesthesia was almost 1000 but i had insurance so it was like 480 or so doctor fee well…..i had 2 one for the birth and one for anesthesia they were like 300 a piece hospital room was almost 1000 (baylor biggest room) and diaper service i have no clue!! Hope this helps

Carol asks…

Child care…?

So far I’ve asked a potential child care provider about costs, times of service, & if babies are separated from the toddlers (b/c ages range from 6wks-5yrs). What other questions are good to ask? If I start off breastfeeding, how many ounces/bottles should I pump for my son once he goes to child care? Do they provide diapers usually or should I pack some along with anything else in his diaper bag? What do you make sure your child care provider does or knows (besides important #’s & if baby has allergies)? Thanks for answering!

The Expert answers:

“Convenience wasn’t as important as comfort… I had to
feel comfortable with my choice.”
__ Where required, ask to see posted licence/certification/
__ Make sure facility meets health and safety standards
__ Hours are convenient and flexible
__ Cost is within budget; ask about hidden costs
__ Location is near home or work, and transportation is
provided, if needed
__ Ask about holiday schedules and weather policy
__ Ask for copy of rules, policies and procedures
__ Accomodates your childs’ special needs, if necessary
Step Two:
“I like how involved the staff is and I especially like the
person who runs the program.”
__ Staff works well with each other
__ Director is accessible and responsive
__ Caregiver is warm, friendly and affectionate with
__ Staff are aware of children’s individual needs
__ Caregiver actively listens and talks to children;
promotes self-esteem
__ Caregiver participates in activities with children
__ Children act relaxed and secure
__ Limits are set consistently and gently
__ Babies are held and cuddled
__ Child/staff ratio meets state standards
__ Caregivers participate in training
Step Three:
“Upon my visit, the first thing I noticed was how bright
and happy the interior was.”
__ Setting is bright and cheery
__ Building looks safe and well-maintained
__ Facility is well-ventilated and warm during cold
__ There are active and quiet play areas
__ Indoor and outdoor facilities are furnished
Step Four:
“My friend noticed some things I missed and had a different
__ Hazardous supplies are well out of reach
__ Fire alarms and smoke detectors are installed
__ Look for window guards, gates on stairs, covers on
radiators, caps on electrical outlets
__ Written names are on file of people to whom staff is
authorized to release the children
__ Facility requires written permission for field trips
__ Emergency phone numbers are posted by phone
__ Children are never left alone or unsupervised
__ Outside play area is protected from hazards and traffic
__ Indoor toys are safe, age appropriate and in good
__ Areas are open to assure safe monitoring of children
__ Plans for fire and other emergencies are posted
Step Five:
“Cleanliness played a big part in my decision. The provider
I selected was organized and everything was clean.”
__ Kitchens and bathrooms are clean
__ Caregivers and children wash hands frequently
__ Each child has separate sleeping/napping area
__ Cots and blankets are cleaned regularly
__ There is a clean, separate area for diapering
__ Well-balanced, nutritious meals and snacks are served
__ Menus are posted and appropriate
Step Six:
“I pay a little more, but health is a priority. That helps a lot
when the kids get sick.”
__ Medical and immunization records are required for each
child before admission
__ Caregiver knows how to recognize signs of illness
__ Caregiver has clear policies for children who beome ill
__ All parents are notified if children are exposed to a
communicable disease
__ Smoking is prohibited in the child care setting
__ Parents provide detailed instructions for caregiver to
administer medication
__ Be sure caregiver is trained in first aid techniques and
Step Seven:
“I found a program where I could see substantial
developmental growth and progress in my children.”
__ Schedule is balanced with time for playing, learning,
__ Separate infant play area is provided
__ Group and individual developmentally – appropriate
activities are provided; children have choices
__ Routine times for eating, napping,toileting are scheduled
__ Upon visit, children are playing and involved in activities
__ Television viewing is limited, including use of movies
__ Activity schedule is posted.
Step Eight:
“I could see the toys were clean and there was plenty of
space in which my child could move.”
Step Nine:
“My child care center provides a parent handbook with all
of its policies and program information. I found it really
helpful .”
__ Toys and activities are suitable for the age and abilities
of your child
__ Toys are chosen to help children grow phsically,
mentally, and socially
__ Appropriate materials are easily accessible and in good
__ Materials include art supplies, blocks, toys, books, sand/
water/clay, music
__ Child-sized tabes and chairs are available
__ Materials for infants include: soft toys, rattles, mobiles,
squeeze toys
__ Ask for a written philosophy of discipline and methods
__ Be sure methods of discipline are consistent and evenly
__ Ask how toileting accidents are handled
__ Rules are communicated simply so children know what
is expected
Step Ten:
“They have an open door policy. I can come in any time,
talk to the caregiver any time, and I feel completely
welcome .”
__ Parents are welcome — announced or unanounced —
__ Regular parent meetings are held
__ Parent-provider conferences are scheduled
__ See if you feel relaxed talking with the provider/
teacher/ director
__ Parents are welcome to participate in activities
__ References are available

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