Your Questions About Baby Care

Daniel asks…

What do you think about the petition for Bert And Ernie To Get Married On Sesame Street?

The Expert answers:

In my opinion its absolutely rediculus that this petition is even being circulated online.
It was a waste of HTML code and a waste of bandwitdh space to load.

The show should remain the same, if my son saw that and wanted me to explain to him what it was about, well… Id rather avoid that conversation to be honest.

Steven asks…

How can my style and how I act be better?

The Expert answers:

You don’t tell us how old you are.

If you are really young and are in elementary school or middle school, then you may not be able to do much because you rely on your parents for clothing etc…

But no matter what grade you are in, you can always be a nicer person. You are not clear about this. Are you just really shy and, therefore, don’t talk very much? Or are you mean to people? Or are you simply studious and do not joke around very much?

You don’t have to wear makeup to be pretty. If you pay attention to some of today’s popular tv shows/celebrities, you will find that having good skin is better than wearing all the make up in the world. For some reason, middle school and high school girls think that wearing a LOT of makeup makes them pretty. It actually only makes them look made up.

Concentrate on having good clear skin. Ask your mom if you can get your eyebrows done on a biweekly basis. You’d be surprised at how drastic a change that makes. I’m in Texas. Eyebrows can be waxed for $7. I think that this is reasonable and I allow my three teens to do it.

It sounds like you are busy comparing yourself to the other girls. Skip that! The most famous and creative people on t.v. Have historically stayed true to who they were. They seemed odd but didn’t care. They became trend setters (Madonna, Cher, lady gaga, Christina Aguillera etc…)

Not sure what the family finances are, but a good hair cut/style can add the drama that you are looking for.

Mandy asks…

When did the Republicans become Red and the Democrats Became Blue?

The Expert answers:

The 1992 Presidential election. For some reason the major media decided to switch it. Maybe they wanted to dissociate the Democrats and the color red, since red was the label given to Communists and Socialists for decades.

Ken asks…

What are some good celebration songs that are current and clean for high schoolers?

The Expert answers:

Listen to G105
(105.1) That’s where a lot of the hits are.
Then look up the artists from the songs you like on there.

Sandra asks…

Why do some people have a problem with others wear pajamas and sweats in the public?

The Expert answers:

I dunno. I used to wear PJ’s and sweats to class all the time. Late nights early mornings…

I still wear them to Wal-Mart. I mean, I wouldn’t go to a bar or restaurant or anything in them…

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