Your Questions About Baby Care

Chris asks…

What is your least favorite baby care task?

I hate filing my daughter’s nails (probably because she hates it too). What is your least favorite task necessary for taking care of your baby?
I hate the shots, too. I think the nails are my least favorite because its a struggle we have to do once or twice a week, where as we’ve only gotten shots done twice so far.

The Expert answers:

When the diaper pale is full. I hate taking the trash bag of dirty diapers out!

Mandy asks…

How about purchasing baby care products online?

Is it safe to purchase baby care products online? Are reliable online stores out there from which you can purchase products? I am in London…Please advice.

The Expert answers:

Safe? As long as you are able to find out reliable online stores from the hundreds of spurious stores, it is safe.And luckily, there are some trustworthy stores out there from where you can purchase baby care products.1 Stop Baby shop is one such online store.

Lizzie asks…

What baby care books should I think about avoiding?

Given that “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” is

(a) “the pregnancy bible”
(b) garbage, in my opinion

…I’m a little leery of babycare books. If there’s one you thought was junk — even if it was just you, and everybody else loves it — could you mention the name, and tell me why you disliked it? Thanks!

The Expert answers:

I hated that book with a passion! I honestly just go on the internet to get advice, my favorite site is
that way I don’t waste money or paper on worthless reading!

Sandra asks…

Where to purchase nice quality baby care accessories with cheap delivery?

I want to get baby care accessories. The problem is that the shipping needs more money than the price of my buying. Does anyone know a site with low cost delivery. Thank you for help!

The Expert answers:

Look here they offer high quality baby care accessories and cheap shipping.

Linda asks…

how can I break into the baby care industry as a copywriter?

i am a copywriter hoping to eventually write advertising materials, etc. for the baby care industry. I want to know the best way to get there.

The Expert answers:

Get your port folio ready with all your legitimate plans. When you are ready go to the big corporations like Johnson and Johnson and present your plan. If it is good enough someone will look at you. Don’t give up if you don’t get through at first. You need to try at least six companies.

Make sure you research this thoroughly before you begin thinking of putting one foot in front of the big corporation’s door. Speak to baby doctors about their preferred products for babies and why. Speak to mothers and nurses too. So you should prepare several questionaires and results should be compiled before making your move.

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