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Maria asks…

Baby games?

I just got my son Giggle baby computer game, and he really seems to like it, and it is already helping with him -not- smashing my keyboard to pieces (A favorit hobby of his)
I was wondering what other electronic games they have for babies? My son is nine months old, and i’d like to keep him entertained and familiar with computers, and wouldnt mind introducing him to other game systems aswell. What do they have for his age, and also for when he is a bit older?
Just so everyone knows;
I do read to my baby, and we play with soft toys, blocks, kitchen utensils etc. We do yoga, go on walks, picnics, swimming…I am by no means trying to let technology raise my baby, however, computers and such ARE a big thing in my household, and his father is really big into video games, so I see no reason not to introduce those aswell so long as they do not distract from the other creative play we do. This way, he will grow up familiar with it, and also get to feel like he is doing ‘grown up’ things like mommy and daddy.
Another thing;
I would rather it be ‘just another toy’ to him, instead of something fascinating and mysterious that he cant touch but the adults can. I dont want him to get the idea that its something special, I think thats what happened with my husband and why he is so addicted to video games and having such a hard time breaking from them. I was aloud to play with them if I wanted, and to this day would rather a sheet and a box.

The Expert answers:

I think you’re doing a great job. My husband and I are the same as you guys on this.
I got my daughter a V-smile video game for kids ages 2-7
it is ambidextrous, child friendly, and has games for the ages listed, she enjoys causing her favorite characters to react and I love that it is, as you said, just another toy.
They run about $45.00-$65.00
come with one controller and games are from $10.00-$15.00
I think that’s not bad.
If you get it, I recommend buying the a/c adapter cord, batteries run dry way to fast, even just by sitting there.
I think your son would do great with this, or maybe as his birthday present.
Good luck mommy!

Chris asks…

Baby Games?

Are there any free online virtual baby games where u create a baby and raise it?

The Expert answers:

Yes, you can on the sims. : – ]

Thomas asks…

baby games!?

Does any one have any Idea where I could find a virtual baby game online with no download?
You can feed cleen and take care of the baby!

The Expert answers:


Sandra asks…

Any suggestions for good baby shower games?

I know about the poopy diaper game and the freezing the tiny baby in a ice cube game and the diaper pin (don’t say baby) game…

Any other suggestions for some fun baby shower games?
LOL – Yes, games to play at a baby shower party.

The Expert answers:

Fill a basket or baby tub with lots of baby items. Carry it around the room allowing everyone to look at it for 15-30 seconds. Take the basket out of the room and ask everyone to write down as many items as they can remember. The person who remembers the most wins!

Have everyone fill out an index card with their guess on birth date, gender (if unknown), weight, and length. Also have them write their address on the card. Once the baby is born, see who’s guesses were closest and send a small gift or gift card.

Purse Game- Ask questions such as: Do you have a pacifier in your purse? Do you have more than 3 keys? Do you have a toy car? Do you have tissues? Etc They get a point for each item they have in their purse, most points win.

Betty asks…

What are some fun games for a baby shower?

My cousin is 5 months pregnant and I’ve already offered to throw her a baby shower. It will most likely be held at a park since her delivery isn’t until summertime. What are some fun baby games to play? I know there are some with getting yarn and guessing how round she is, or baby bingo. Any other suggestions?

The Expert answers:

Ok.. I love party planning.. I actually threw both of my own baby showers lol 😀 my family kept fighting over who would do it so i just did and it was soo fun! So if the crowd of people seem like they dont mind getting up and having fun this game i made up was fun! Every one stands in a circle and each person gets a pen or pencil! Everyone has to put their pen or pencil in their mouth so that way the end is sticking out! Then you start with one person in the circle where a pacifier (the kind that have the loop to grab them, the little handle on them) is put on the loop on the pacifier is put on the pen or pencil.. Then that person has to try to slide the pacifier onto the person next to her’s pen or pencil! The pacifier is passed around the circle and if someone drops it and doesnt get it onto her pen she is out and it keeps going until only one person is left! Dont forget though that the girl that doesnt catch the pacifier onto her pen is the one out and nobody can use hands!!! Its sooo fun! I have some more ideas too but you can always email me if you want!

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