Your Questions About Baby Care

Betty asks…

how does adding milk and sugar to my tea take away from the health benefits?

The Expert answers:

It wont, it will just add some calories, you’ll still get the anti O’s and all that jazz

Mary asks…

Are app downloading with wifi and no data plan free for a blackberry?

The Expert answers:

Wi-Fi is completely free to use but you will be limited to browser use only.

App World does not work without a data plan.

Email and apps like BBM, WLM, Y!M, AIM and Facebook require data and will not work with wi-fi only.

Michael asks…

Atheists. Why do you only disagree with Christians and not Muslims are you afraid?

The Expert answers:

Yes they are
and muslim worship satan aka Allah

Sharon asks…

What are the pros and cons to friends with benefits?

The Expert answers:

The “benefits” in FWB are the obvious pros. You have an available partner for enjoyment without all the other entanglements that go along with a relationship. It works well if those involved keep what they have and establish an understanding that what is happening is ALL that is going to happen.

The biggest CON to this type of arrangement is that quite often one partner begins to fall in love. Sex can cause love just as easily as love can cause sex. When the love starts with one and doesn’t start with the other, BIG problems and HEAVY emotions result.

Be careful.

Daniel asks…

How long were you and your spouse dating before getting married?

The Expert answers:

After dating for 6mos, we were engaged for 2 years before marriage.

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