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Michael asks…

Is there a natural approach to depression/bipolar aside from anti-depressants and mood stabilizers?

The Expert answers:

Many anti-depressants have been tested short-term, but they haven’t been tested long-term. They haven’t been in the market place long enough for thorough testing. Many anti-depressants are less than fifteen years old! People, even in their 40s, live a lot longer than fifteen years old.

My doctor was about to put me on a fourth mood stabilizer. He told me the effects, risks, and benefits. When I asked him about the long-term, he made up things that didn’t make sense. My dad and I fired him on the spot. These “professionals” get money for giving you medication. For each prescription they give you, they pocket more money from the pharm. Companies.

I started to be my own avocate. Basically, I used these ideas to monitor my bipolar:

*Exercise 25 minutes a day. Never skip more than two days.

*Avoid processed foods and pure sugar foods.

*Instead of a person who’ll shove medications down your throat, use your money to talk to a therapist instead.

*Join local, talk groups or internet forums.

*Write down your feelings. It isn’t good to keep them inside!

*Know your purpose in life.

*Get at least eight hours of sleep. Your brain needs it.

I see Bipolar as a physical and emotional energy imbalance. Real happiness is knowing you can be happy yourself. Fake happiness is relying on something to be happy.

I’m sixteen years old. I was diagnosed when I was thirteen with Bipolar II. Almost weaned off medication, got a 4.0 GPA, and loves physics with computers.

Jenny asks…

Liberals, why are our service men and woman held to a higher standard than welfare applicants?

The Expert answers:

Independent here and I say test them all. If they want free government money, make them sign a consent for testing and a pledge that they are clean as conditions for receiving the welfare. A set amount of weekly community service should be one of the conditions as well. And no more free cell phones and computers to welfare recipients. These things are NOT bare essentials for survival. I lived 25 years without a cell phone just fine.

Donna asks…

whats a more fancier and shorter way to say the peripercal characters do not care to have human connection?

The Expert answers:

This is a `wordplay` question

Thomas asks…

Whats your thoughts on children and reading literature?

The Expert answers:

Don’t generalize. My kids watch no television. We don’t have it hooked up to anything. Their computer time is 30 minutes a day, not including schooling. (They are all homeschooled).
All of my kids devour books. I’ve taken away several flashlights from them when they read after bedtime. In addition to reading contemporary novels like HP and HG, they read classics like Treasure Island, Gone with the Wind, and Moby Dick.
And not just my kids. We are in a homeschool group with book clubs where kids share their love of reading.
So there is hope.

Lizzie asks…

What is a really cute and easy and cheap halloween costume?

The Expert answers:

Last year I spent zero dollars on my costume. I was white trash. Ha ha. I got a white trash bag and glued stuff on it that looked like trash. Pop tart wrappers, wadded up paper towels, even macaroni box. Everyone thought it was hilarious when I told them what it was.

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