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Maria asks…

Any recommendations, for good baby toy – 9 months? Some toys which will keep baby attention.?

She seems to cry from music toys, so her mom is in the search for something calm but entertaining…

The Expert answers:

My both kids were very frustrated with music/noise/lights emitting toys. Not only frustrated but bored in a day or two. Instead, they have been fascinating with toys which they can move in their one phase, like gears or rollercoaster with different types of beads on them. They liked simple sorters and baby chewable books made of soft baby-proof fabric.
But if you are really looking for something valuable, I have a great recommendation. I have found this mini play cube which is made of wood and has 5 games on the each side and rollercoaster on the top. Last year I have sent this toy cube, from the internet store, to my friend in Minnesota for her daughter first birthday… and they loved it very much. The cube is not big and easily movable to any part of the house. My friend is joking, that I gave her ‘2 years toys supply’, since her daughter, now is 2 and never bored with this cube. I hope we had it 4 years ago, when mine kids were little.
I am sure they should still have them, last year they send it for free.

Helen asks…

What were your baby’s favorite toys at 9-11 months old?

It seems my little guy has suddenly become bored with most of his toys! What are some good ideas (toys and/or activities). Most days we go out and do an activity but on the days we stay home we are both becoming bored. Thanks!

The Expert answers:

That push toy with the balls that pop up when you push it – we used to call it the popcorn popper.

The Fisher Price phone with the rotary dial and eyes on front that went up and down when you pulled it.

A mini basket ball net.

A dolly stroller and the dollies.

Anything that lit up and made noise when you poked it or hit it.

That “shoemaker’s” wooden bench with the pegs you hammer through.

Toy tools – the big baby kind.

Take into account that my daughter and son could both walk by 10 months old.

Nancy asks…

What bath toys did your baby like at 9 months?

The Expert answers:

I have water squirting toys, and a funnel tower that spins a water wheel when you pour water in it. She seems to like these, but I always see her playing more with the shampoo bottles, faucet and the wash cloth!! LOL

So I decided to buy this cute froggy faucet cover and she loves it and..can’t hurt herself on the faucet anymore!!

Linda asks…

What are some MUST HAVES for a 7-9 month old baby for toys?

What are some of your favorite toys you got for your baby that you think is a really nice toy?
Tell me the brand of it and exactly what it is called so I can look for it myself
also tell me how much it is

The Expert answers:

Stacking(nesting) cups- they can be used to teach color,size counting,builting,in and out. Usually they are under $10 fisherprice and playschool make them

Stacking rings by fisher price- about $7

books of any kind. Babys love to hear you talking and enjoy a good cuddle

fisher price makes really cute playsets a tool set for baby boys and a purse for girls($20) they also make a really cute pig that will be good for fine motor skills it comes with coins that are save to chew.

Bubbles babys love bubbles they are a cheap toy but they do sell blower of you feel like being lazy($20)

Lizzie asks…

What baby items/products/toys were life savers between 3 and 9 months?

What couldnt you or baby live without?

The Expert answers:

A jumper or exersaucer — both would keep yours entertained (when they can hold their head up) long enough for you to take a shower or get dinner ready or clean up quickly.

My 10 month old really likes his leapfrog learn and groove table. When he’s doing something he’s not supposed to, it usually works (works better than anything else really) to redirect him to his table. As soon as yours can pull up onto furniture I’d recommend it. He’s been using it for a good 4 months now and plays with it several times a day.

He has this too and he loves it:

he also likes balls; they make some with little nubs on them and he likes chewing on them and throwing them.

I also like our chicco hook on high chair so we can take it out when we travel and I like our car seat bunting because my son refuses to wear a coat.

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