Your Questions About Baby Care

Mary asks…

I went to a baby care basics class and the instructor told us….?

That you’re supposed to wash the baby‘s clothes inside out. Do you do this? It seems like a lo of extra work, but obviously if it’s that important I would do it. Any experience?

The Expert answers:

I have never heard this, or done it. Did she give you a reason why?

Seems unnecessary to me.

Linda asks…

Where can I find a class about Baby Care Basics..?

I think one would be very helpful for me and my bf.
But how can I find one?
I live in California.

The Expert answers:

I have Kaiser med. Insurance and they offer TONS of free classes. Their wonderful! I just love Kaiser!! You might wanna check at your doctors office to see if they offer anything, or if they can refer you to places, or your local health clinic may be able to help.

Ruth asks…

Is there a good DVD for Newborn care or baby basics for new parents?

The Expert answers:

A friend of mine gave me “The Happiest Baby on the Block” DVD. It wasn’t a DVD about how to care for a newborn rather how to soothe a newborn and help them stop crying. The tips really worked and I thanked my friend so much for giving it me. After I watched it, I knew exactly how to make my baby stop crying.

Helen asks…

What is the basics of taking care of a baby?

The Expert answers:

Well basically if the baby is up, you’re up, when the baby is sleep, you’re sleep. That’s for a bout three hours though.

David asks…

What are a few informational books on taking care of a new baby?

My sister is having a baby and it’s her first and I would like to get some informational books on basics on how to care for a baby, advice, things to look for with health, etc. It’s my first nephew as well, and I’m baby-ignorant so I would like to learn how to take care of one.

The Expert answers:

The Baby Whisper is a great one.

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