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Michael asks…

Where can I find free online games that are ok for kids?

My neice and nephew are staying with me and I’m lacking in the gaming department. Are there any online sites with games we could play together.

They’re 9 + 12 so won’t go for baby stuff.

The Expert answers:

Try these games, its a new site where they’re making versions of the old game shows we all used to watch (and still do). It’s all appropriate for kids cause they’re family shows and a bit educational too!


Helen asks…

Where can i play online games where you can make a family with kids and everything?

I have the sims 2 but i want to try a different game online for free idc if it has a download as long as it wont give my computer a virus please answer my question with a husband and wife and a baby please it will help a lot and remember i already have sims 2 double deluxe. i want to try something different!! please!!

The Expert answers:

Well you could play the sims but its not online…….try Second Life…..its just like the sims but online

William asks…

Fun, free, online games for kids and tweens?

All I have are Fantage, Dizzywood, Mini Match, Club Penguin, LPS VIP’s, Poptropica, Neopets, and Webkinz. I can tell that I am almost completely bored with all of those games. I also have Ty Girlz, and Beanie Babies 2.0. They are just extremely boring! I want a new, fun, never-boring site!!

The Expert answers:

Http:// (try players) (u must buy a ty girl) (u must buy a webkinz)

Robert asks…

What online games for PC are good to play?

MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role playing games) such as:
P2P (pay to play) – like World of Warcraft.
F2P (free to play) – like Flyff.

FPS (first person shooter) or whatever shooter games such as:
P2P – Counter-strike source.
F2P – Gunz Online or Soldier Front.

I want to download only one to play for times sake. I’m into mature stuff, not kiddy/baby-ish stuff games, if you know what I mean. Well, what I mean is like gory, violent, whatever. Nothing like the old Runescape – kids stuff… no offense.

Any kind suggestions?

The Expert answers:

Maplestory is kind of kiddish, but i would sugest guild wars. LIke WoW, guild wars is a P2P but uyou ponly have to pay once ($30.00) for the software at your local gamestop, or walmart. It is not very kiddish and has state-of-the art graphics.

Chris asks…

I love playing online games but I tired of the same old games. I am looking for a fun, free, online game.?

I like games where you babysit kids or babies, own a business and run it, and games that are entertaining. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Expert answers:

Two games are either

Stick RPG, found here:
It never ends and is highly addictive!!! Beware!


Sim Day and Night found at this site:
I suggest you don’t play this when babysitting only when you go to the clubs and hit on girls. You see frontal nudity but only if you are successful.

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