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Paul asks…

Cheap Baby Cribs…&Baby Shower?

I Am looking for a cheap baby crib or bonnet basket(not the headwear) but the basket, my friend is having a baby shower soon,and i would like to get either one, and fill it up with baby supplies, just to show her that i care, any other gift ideas thats possibly better?
Im going to make sure i get a nice and sturdy crib, even if its a used one that i can buy new quilting for, that would be helpful…what was the best gift you got for your baby shower (besides after the fact, which probably was your baby) lol

The Expert answers:

If you get a GOOD crib you will want to get one that’s at least $100 and honestly that is cheap. Or you could make her a diaper cake, those are always pretty neat.

Steven asks…

who sells cheap baby cribs?

The Expert answers:

If you’re buying online, amazon has good deals. Here is link for baby cribs

Carol asks…

cheap baby cribs under 150?

The Expert answers:

Try Walmart

Donald asks…

Where can i buy cheap baby crib for a new born baby in India (Mumbai)?

I am looking for a baby crib for new born baby, looking out for some reasonable cribs …. so kindly if any1 is aware as to where can i get it from do let me knw the website or the place & incase if you are aware about the price range too do inform me..
Thanks in advance !!! 🙂

The Expert answers:

What is your definition of cheap? Less than $100. Ikea has a crib for $69.99 and it looks pretty decent.


William asks…

where can i find the cheapest baby cribs?

and new…

The Expert answers:

I bought a wonderful play yard with the bassinet feature for around $90 at wal-mart.
Its great and when they get a little bigger and start climbing you just lower the bassinet down so they cant climb out.
It is a life saver…it vibrates, has a little night light and plays relaxing songs. It also has the mobile attached to it. She loves it and she loves going to bed at night just for her crib,
We don’t use it for nothing else but you can take away the bassinet and just use it as a play it has a changer to attach on the top of it.
It has so many uses and is probably the best thing i ever spent my money on!

Oh and its a travel set you need to go anywhere just wrap it in its little bag and off you go!

Wow..i sound like a sales person 🙂

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