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Sandy asks…

At what age do babies figure out how to put shapes into sorter toys all by themselves?

With out parents assistance.

The Expert answers:

It really depends on the child. Some as early as 10 months and some as late as 2 years. On average I’d say a year.

Sandra asks…

baby einstein jumper – suitable fom what age – confused by diff websites?!?

its under 3months+ category of toys on the baby einstein website, but on it says from 6 months+ – what one isit!?
baby einstein musical motion jumper…
i guess its as long as the baby can hold its head up ?

The Expert answers:

It the one we have and i love it. The box says 4 months and has the requirement that they be able to hold up their heads. We started using at 4 months but had to use a small blanket to bolster baby. One of the thing i love about it is that you can change out the toys on the rings so baby doesn’t get bored.

Joseph asks…

What toys should 1 year old get for bday? Baby Toddler?

This age is entering a whole new stage in life…..and will start needing new toys. Ive been asked by my family to make a B-Day list for my baby.

What toys or things did you get or wish you got for your 1 year olds B-Day? What would you reccomend? All the toys I have now are for under 1 year like teething rings and rattles.

The Expert answers:

When my daughter was one we asked for toys that said on the box 12+ or 18+ months and pretend play things like puppets and dolls, a play tent and a little tikes workbench. Even though yours might not be quite ready to play with those things properly they are fun for them to bang arounf with and then after a few months when they catch on they will have the next stage of toys available to them. They seem to go though a stage around 12-18 months where they are too big for baby toys and too young for the next stage toys. My daughter at 18 months it really just starting to use the older kid toys. Oh yea the one thing she loved when she got it at her first birthday was the FisherPrice Little People bus and farm. Another great gift was toddler style musical instruments (if your sanity can handle it). Anyhow hope that helps .

Thomas asks…

whats the best age difference to have another baby?

what is the best age different to have another baby mine little girl is 1yr and 1 month i want her to grow up with a little sister or brother what do you think. i watch her play with her toys by herself and wish she had a sibling to play with 🙁
so what do you think is the best age difference?

The Expert answers:

I think a 2 year gap is perfect. That way the first one is out of the baby stage, sleeping through the night, and perhaps even potty trained or near it so you can focus more on the new little one. Also, that age difference doesn’t alienate them, they’ll still have plenty enough in common to grow up together and be close.

Mark asks…

daughters toys puting her in her place at the age of two?

i dont mind being a housewife and stay at home mum but i’d love for my daughter to know she can be different to the usual “house wife in the kitchen” if she wants to( i think i was a little scared to be different to my mum as thats all i knew)but its like toy makers are puting baby girls in there place by the toys they make! i mean my daughter has thousands of toys but they are either toy babies with toy prams or little toy kitchens-dishes and all, or theres mops brooms and vacuum cleaners, dustpans and pretend cooking appliences little shopping trollies with pretend food,little toy washing machines with toy clothes lines! i mean i feel like im telling her that this is what females do obviously i dont have to buy those things for her but apart from books and blocks and puzzels which she has lots of its really all you can buy for little girls!!

The Expert answers:

You choose what she plays with! Our daughter has musical toys, animal toys (a puppy she can pull on a string), telephones, blocks, etc. Yes, she has dolls and stuffed toys and, yes, she is probably going to have a toy broom and vacuum and such. Personally, I can’t wait to get her a toy stroller for her dolls.

However, she is also going to have a toy lawnmower, when the weather is agreeable. She already has a Tonka truck just waiting for her to get old enough to play with it. Another toy waiting for her is a ride-on John Deere tractor!

Our daughter’s favorite thing to play with is one of her Daddy’s duck calls!

You are the one who decides what ideas your daughter gets about women. You are the one who decides what ideas your daughter gets about what potential her life holds.

I am a “traditional” homemaker. My husband and I happen to believe that it is a woman’s place to tend to the home and the family. Is that the only view that my daughter (and any future children, daughters or sons) is going to get about what women are and what we can do? Not by any means!!! My husband and I are the people who decide what ideas our children are exposed to.

I am proud to show my daughter how her father and I interact. We generally follow very defined, probably considered “old-fashioned” gender roles. I was very proud to see my daughter pick up our broom and try to sweep the kitchen floor a while back! I am also incredibly proud to see my daughter sit down with her Daddy and watch an old western on tv. I am very proud to see my daughter try to help me make the beds and get excited when I reach out to her and tell that it’s time to go get some chores done. I am also very proud when our daughter picks up “her” duck call and starts quacking!

Listen, just because we are stay at home moms does not mean that our children’s views on womenhood have to stop in the kitchen! No, we’re not surgeons, no we’re not astronauts, no we’re not race car drivers… But that doesn’t mean that we couldn’t be or that our daughters couldn’t be! We do not have to limit our children’s views of the world according to how we live! My husband and I want our daughter to grow up with a certain value system. I will be over the moon proud if someday our daughter decides that her “career” should be family and home and she makes the sacrifices to make that happen. She will also know that I will be incredibly proud if she chooses to be a construction worker or Supreme Court Justice!

If you look at the toys in the toys store, you will see very few gender specific labels! Yes, there are pink aisles and there are blue aisles. There are aisles where everything is Barbie and there are aisles where everything is G.I. Joe. Does that mean that your daughter can not play with things she finds in those blue aisles? No one at the toy store is going to stop you if you want to buy your daugther a toy truck instead of another dolly!

You choose what she plays with… Choose to give her things to expand her horizons! Yes, let her play with dolls and toy kitchens. But why stop there? Let her play with toy hammers and cars and doctor kits!

Yes, you are the first view of womanhood that your daughter is going to see. How she sees the rest of womanhood is up to you!

Good luck!

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