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Chris asks…

Newborn Baby Shopping List?

I am only 16 weeks pregnant, but I’m trying to get a registry started. This is my first baby, so I really have no idea what to register for, and what are good brands, etc. So if anyone has enough time on their hands could you answer this question!? Make a list of the essentials for a newborn baby; ie) breast pump (brand), diaper genie, changing table, clothes (baby will be born during a blister cold month in Minnesota). Is a wipe warmer necessary? Is a bottle warmer necessary? What’s the best way to give baby a bath? Are those boppy pillows helpful?
Just a few of my confused questions!!!!!

Thanks so much!

The Expert answers:

Medela pump in style advanced breast pump

diaper champ is better than the genie (can use any bags for it)

changing table not really necessary

lots of undershirts and footed sleepers for the cold months

wipe warmer and bottle warmer are totally not necessary, the later especially if you are nursing

boppy is useful for breastfeeding, propping up baby after a feed and for when they learn supported sitting

get a convertible bath tub that has a newborn sling, infant seat, and toddler seat side (at bru or target) and lots of wash cloths

I recommend a baby sling or pouch carrier – maya sling is my favorite

an activity mat is good

a vibrating bouncy is nice or swing – we found we didn’t need both. If your swing vibrates you could use that for the first few months and then when they are older use it as a swing. We stopped using our bouncy at about 2.5 months and now she refuses to be in it at five months.

Lots of burp cloths and a few receiving blankets

Oh yeah – also one of those fleece covers for the car seat for the cold weather is nice too -no need for a snow suit then.

Mark asks…

Does everyone buy newborn clothes for a baby shower?

I am just starting to put together a registry list for my baby. I was at a baby shower a month ago and it seemed EVERYONE bought tiny outfits that weren’t on her registry. She had way too many clothes. If you have had a baby or shower did this happen to you?

The Expert answers:

Yes, it happened at my shower. I had a registrywith everything I actually NEEDED and got hardly any of it, and got mostly only clothes. I had already had tons of clothes thatfriends had given me, and had no need for more and my son STILL has not even worn half of the clothes he got and grew out of them with the tags still on. You can maybe word it politely on the invitations that you don’t need clothes. My cousin (who was just inviting family, it may be different with friends and family-maybe considered rude) had something like this on herinvite:
“Although it is not required, if you would like to purchase a gift for the mommy-to-be please check her registry located at: Traget, Toys-r-us, etc (you get the idea)- for the items she is need for and would like your help in getting. Also of much need is gift cards for future needs of the baby. ”

Hope that helped, good luck!

Sandy asks…

Need A Newborn Baby List?

I am currently 13 weeks pregnant with my first child and want to get a basic outline of everything we need like a list so that I can cross it off. Does anyone know of a good website with a good list for newborn baby that has everything for like feeding (I am gonna breast/bottle feed and also bottle feed formula at night) clothing, bathing, accessories, and anything else I am forgetting to add. Please dont list a few things or tell me to search google. I want a been there done that moms opinion and list.

Thank you

The Expert answers:

Here are your must haves:
footed sleepers
something to feed them (pump for breastmilk, or formula)
something to feed them with (bottles, at least 6 small and 6 large)
somewhere for them to sleep that they can’t roll or climb out of has a list of items for the layette, it’s pretty good about the realistic number of the different things you’ll want on hand.

That being said, I’ll give you the comprehensive list of what you can have, with stars next to the stuff that’s actually useful. Keep in mind that if you don’t get everything you will be just fine. Don’t buy anything that isn’t absolutely necessary for yourself, and ask close friends and family to help out with the big ticket items. It’s also a good idea to get stuff like cribs, swings, and the gear used. Since it doesn’t get used for very long it’s usually still il good shape, and you can save 50% or more.

*a nipple for every bottle
*bottle liners if you’re using platex bottles
*a bottle/nipple brush
*an insulated bottle bag or lunch box
*reusable freezer packs
*rubber tipped baby spoons
high chair
boppy pillow

*baby shampoo/body wash
baby lotion
rubbing alcohol wipes for umbilical cord
baby oil for cradle cap
*12 baby washcloths
*3 hooded towels
baby comb
*nail care set
*nasal aspirator
baby bathtub

changing table
*baby powder
*butt cream, your choice on brand

*infant Tylenol
*digital thermometer
gas drops
cool mist humidifier
*orajel for teething

Sleeping/ Hanging Out
sheets for all of the above
crib set
*receiving blankets
*warmer baby blankets
vibrating bouncy seat
Johnny Jump Up
Baby Bjorn

Going Places
*car seat
*snowsuit in winter, preferrably bag type
car seat cover
window shades
rearview baby mirror

I think I got it all. If not I’m sure it’s nothing you’ll really need.

Laura asks…

how much clothes does a newborn baby need?

i’d rather know from experience than an internet list if possible?

The Expert answers:

You will def need
at least 5 oneies
7 gowns
5 full jammies
some hats
a few socks since sometimes the dip them into a dirty diaper
light blankets and heavy ones
burp clothes
wash clothes
towels at least 3

oh yeah get 0-3 months newborn size doesnt last long

John asks…

Is this an ok list of newborn baby items??

I have some time on my hands today, and I made a list of things I’m going to be purchasing for my baby. What am I missing from the list or what should added or what on the list is unnecessary? I’m not due until December, so I have a lot of time to prepare, but any ideas or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.

Feeding items
Several bottles
Bottle brushes
Burp cloths
Baby formula

Crib -includes dresser and changing table-
Crib mattress
Crib bedding
Changing pad cover that matches bedding set
Swaddling blankets

Clothing-all needs to be cute!!!
Newborn onesies pack sets
Creepers with matching pants
Baby Jacket
Baby Dresses
Baby headbands

Baby Hygiene
Newborn diapers
Baby wipes
Baby bath tub
Baby washcloths sets
Baby towels
*Baby soap*
Baby lotion
Baby hair brush
First aid kit
Cotton balls
Rubbing alcohol
Diaper Rash Cream

Car seat
Diaper Bag

Baby bouncer

The Expert answers:

Burp cloths: get the Gerber (or similar) cloth diapers (packs of 12). The “pretty” ones aren’t as absorbent, and the Gerber ones can be bleached clean.

A few water-proof crib pads. I put mine on top of the matress pad, so if I need to change a wet sheet, I just change the pad along with it instead of the whole ordeal.

Don’t get too many mittens to start. I bought some to match a lot of outfits—I have a thumb sucker! So the mittens were always wet and then the cold made his hands colder than if they were bare.

Johnson & Johnson have these great Q-tips for babies. They are shaped in a way that makes them safer–they don’t go into the ear canal, they just clean the outer ear.

Diaper rash cream: get the really thick Desitin, not those creamy ones. You want the most zinc oxide you can find in the ingredients: 40% or better. Lansinoh also has a wonderful one. Cleared up my son’s rash over night!

You want to get a large diaper bag and also a small one for just quick trips to the store, etc. You don’t always need to lug everything but the kitchen sink everywhere you go. Sometimes you may just need to pack a diaper, wipes, and your “purse” items.

If you are going to get towels for your baby, make sure they are big. The cute ones are nice, but they grow out of them so quickly. Kohl’s has some nice ones that fit both my 11 month old and my 5 year old.

When your baby gets a little older (4 mos) get the Link a doos. They are great for attaching toys to stroller, car seat, etc.

We got the consumer reports guide to baby which was really helpful. They have tons of lists, too, like you made. With all the essentials and the stuff you don’t need.

If you are in a colder climate, get the Kiddopotomus Posh Pouch. I loved it because I didn’t have to get an uncomfortable and ackward snow suit for my baby. Just put a blanket on him and put him in his car set with the posh pouch on it. It fit his stroller, too.

I agree with Sarah S. The baby Bjorn was a life saver. I would have never gotten anything done around the house if I didn’t have it. I tried a few different slings, but the front carrier worked best. Now that he is older, he loves to face outward to check out his environment. Vacuum while wearing it for some great exercise. 🙂
Congrats and best of luck to you!!!

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