Your Questions About Baby Care

William asks…

i just had a baby pug 😀 And im a first timer to have a pet dog so i want to know more about pugs and their ca?

i just had a baby pug 😀
And im a first timer to have a pet dog so i want to know more about pugs and their care, specially babies as he is just 5 weeks old 🙂
i named him hugo 😀

The Expert answers:

He is way too young to have been taken from his mother and litter mates. Take him back to the back yard breeder you got him from for at least another 3 weeks.

In most places it’s illegal to sell a pup under the age of 8 weeks old. However back yard breeders are greedy and only care about the money, not about what’s best for the puppy.

You should have done your research before you got this puppy. If you had you would have known not to take a 5 week old baby puppy and you would probably have learned not to deal with scummy back yard breeders.

Ruth asks…

How should i take care of a new born baby rabbit with its mother still here?

Ok so we didnt know she was pregnant. She just gave birth this morning and we are first timers and we dont know what to do at all. PLEASE HELP.

The Expert answers:

Do nothing…just watch and make sure they are safe and doing well…the mother knows what to do and she will take care of her babies. Animals are not dumb 🙂

Nancy asks…

what are the must- haves for the newborn?(first three months only)?

my list goes:
1. some clothes
2. car seat care timer
4.some diapers
5.I have bought a crib but I will use a bassinet for the first three months. (easier because I don’t have to go to his nusery to feed my baby boy)

WHAT ELSE please help me out here

The Expert answers:

Receiving blankets ..(but not as many as everyone will tell you to get! .. There is such thing as too many 🙂
diaper bag!
My son’s swing is a LIFESAVER!! .. He has loved that thing since we brought him home from the hospital.
Also, think about getting a vibrating chair, my husband bought our son one, and he loves it .. That keeps him occupied.
If you are breastfeeding, get a breast pump! You can pump and give the baby a bottle at 6 weeks (that’s what I did) .. So get some bottles if you plan to do that!
And a baby bath tub!
And baby wash cloths!

(can’t think of anything else right now .. But if I do, I’ll come back and add to this question!! 🙂

good luck! God bless!

Betty asks…

First timer feline did not take care of babies–four gone???

Cat has all things to be desired. Why?
Thank you both. Non-survival of the progeny of the incompetent…

The Expert answers:

I had a cat that lost her first litter also. She could not give any milk and placed all three of her babies in different cold spots in the house so they would die, as she knew she could not take care of them. Her next two litters were normal. It’s just the way nature is sometimes.

Maria asks…

I need help finding a web site that allows you to chart newborn baby data.?

I stubled on a site about a month ago that let you chart infant care. Like diaper changing, feednng and etc. I found it while looking in a comment section of review of Itzbeen baby timer.
I visit frequently but that is not it.
I finally found it. It is

The Expert answers:

If you want more information about these kinds of things, like caring for babies, try this site I found: . It’s a nice looking site, with good information for mothers.

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