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Sandy asks…

How to control yourself when your drunk and get horny?

The Expert answers:

Stop getting drunk and having sex…it’s just that simple…respect yourself…because if u don’t who will

Mary asks…

I just got a power chain for my braces and it hurts SO bad? How can I relieve the pain?

The Expert answers:

If the pain is that horrible, try a iBuprofen but not too much since you already tried Advil and Tylenol. Just try to get your mind off the pain and try to eat as much ice cream or try ice cubes.

Good luck

Donald asks…

If you work out and only drink water w/ minimal amount of fruits do you loose weight?

The Expert answers:

Don’t listen to stupid people. Yes, you’ll lose weight, but it’s not healthy.
I’ve gone down this road before and managed to lose about ten pounds in a week doing the same thing you’re doing, but it sucks and you get your entire body out of whack.
Don’t do it to lose weight. It’s okay for a couple of days as a detox, but don’t make it routine. The minute you start eating normal again you’ll put the weight back on. Case in point: After four months of eating only fruits and veggies and drinking water and keeping my calories limited to under 600 per day, I was down about seventeen pounds. I went off my diet for a week and put back on fifteen. IN A WEEK.
Eat healthy, exercise. You’ll be happier in the end.

Robert asks…

Is it bad to ask my bridesmaid to cover her tatto and remove her lip piercing?

The Expert answers:

Let your mother pay the photographer to have it retouched out of the photos.

This is your friend, whom you selected to be in your wedding just as she is because she is your friend. You want her to stand with you and support you in your new life. She is not a model, an extra, or an accessory. She’s a person. She made a life choice to have a facial piercing and a tattoo, assumedly because it’s important to her. Belittling someone’s life choices because they might mar your photographs is not necessarily something a good friend would do.

I would also recommend worrying less about the photos and more about the marriage.

George asks…

How frequent a man masturbate and how many percent of men do masturbate?

The Expert answers:

Even if men do not admit it they all masturbate, some more than others. It is absolutely harmless and healthy. Some studies have found that up to 94% of men and 89% of women have masturbated in their lives.

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