Your Questions About Baby Care

Mandy asks…

Want to see a neat video of some US soldiers saving a woman and an UN-born child?

The Expert answers:

That poor mama and her baby. I wonder if the baby had any long-term damage from being shot. I doubt many babies get shot and live from it… So sad. Crazy world over there. I love BBC World News – it seems to be the most true to life news broadcast I’ve ever seen. I bet that story was never shown on a US news station.

Hugh Jardon – you have no idea if the pictures displayed in your video are done by our troops, or the more likely – the people our troops are fighting against… Those that are killing their OWN people. Were there pictures of our troops pointing guns at those poor, innocent children? NO – probably just the ugly, evil people in this world that do those things to their own people… Their own children of their country. Don’t be so naive… We’re over there to fight evil people who do ugly things.

Richard asks…

When is a child legally born?

When is a child/fetus/embryo LEGALLY born.
I heard and saw a video stating that some abortions are legally abortions not murder because only the feet and body of the child was out of the womb not the head, therefore it wasnt legally born yet. Does a child become legally born when the head is outside of the women’s womb.

The Expert answers:

When the WHOLE body is out.

For example:

This morning at 8:45am, my cousin went in to have a C-section, when Hailey was 100% hands, feet, etc. Out, she was born on 7/20/09 @ 9:14am.

That is true & that is what happened.

Chris asks…

How to Feed a new born child?

My friend has just become a dad and very shy. Problem with them is that his wife doesn’t know the proper method of breastfeeding. Is there any site with videos related to breastfeeding so that it can be downloaded and so that I can send it to him.

The Expert answers:


Joseph asks…

Looking for a song about a new child for a video of our newborn…….?

Wanting to find a song that i can add to a video collage for when our new child is born. Thanks-

PS- Not sure on what i am having yet, but i know that “Isn’t she lovely” is a great one for a girl but i want more opinions. thanks again

The Expert answers:

I have the dixie chicks ” lullaby” it isn’t gender specific at all but a perfect song. It’s about a love between a mom and her baby!

Helen asks…

What would be the best “straight to CD” video camera to buy?

Are these cameras any good? I want to buy a video camera to film our new born child

The Expert answers:

You’re thinking of straight to dvd and no, they’re not as good as mini-dv, quality-wise. That is, video quality. They are easier to use. Unless you want to edit and make a regular dvd. Then the difficulty level is about the same. Do some research. Pay $6 and get a one month online subscription to consumer reports, and read their comparisons/recommendations. Do searches on ‘dvd vs mini-dv camcorders’.


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