Your Questions About Baby Care

Lisa asks…

What is a chemical reaction used by cells to make proteins nucleic acids and polysaccharides in which smaller?

The Expert answers:

Dehydration synthesis

Jenny asks…

I bought a rottweiler in India and the breeder refused to give the certificate until now?

The Expert answers:

If the KCI is your national registry for registered pedigree dogs you would not be able to register your dog without the parents registration numbers and details. If the registry accepted your dog with no proof of the history of the sire and dam then it’s not a reputable registry.

Reputable registries don’t just accept whatever you feel inclined to tell them about he parentage of your pup….they need proof and they have records. Without proof you could walk in and register a stray street dog as having an impressive pedigree or register a dog that doesn’t even exist. Something doesn’t sound right here.

Regarding the microchip. How is it that a vet inserted a microchip when there was an existing chip? Before a microchip is inserted the vet scans the dog to ensure there is no existing chip. Are you saying the breeder chipped the pup before you brought it home and then you had it chipped a second time?

You should have waited for the breeder to send you the papers. Somtimes it takes time for the registry to send the papers out to the breeder. The registered pedigree the breeder sent you is the official, legitimate registered pedigree.

John asks…

What’s the best vacuum/steam mop for hardwood floors and laminate?

The Expert answers:

Try the Dyson Ball Vacuum. It rotates easily as you turn it, it’s got nice suction, and it adjusts to the type of floor it vacuums on. Carpet, Linoleum, Wood, Tile, Marble. No problem.

Susan asks…

Is anyone other than me sick of opening the videos on Yahoo and finding they are unavailable?

The Expert answers:

Worse for me, also have “not available in your country”.

David asks…

I make bratz doll videos on youtube and I have been running out of ideas! Got any ideas for a bratz show?

The Expert answers:

Hmm… You could act out something from your favorite movie, or have a talant show, or do a twilight thingy, or a lightsaber duel (If you can find any cheap Star Wars sets. Chloe could fight with Princess Leia!)

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