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David asks…

Babysitting games?

This week I will be babysitting a 5 year old boy and a 12 year old girl.
Do you know any games I can play with them?
btw its going to be in the evening and so the parents really dont want them to be outside.
inside games please?

The Expert answers:

w ii

Lisa asks…

Babysitting Games..?

I really love like the babysitting games, i have tried kindergarden,baby mania etc… baby luv ( the game i would like to play ) doesnt work ( if you know how to make it work that would be great) so if you know any other games like baby luv or games i might like answer please.

The Expert answers:

Feeding Games

Joseph asks…

babysitting games?

so im babysitting my younger sis shes 5 and my other 2 coucins their both 6 its a girl and a boy

and i need games or activities to do with them so they wont get on any fights. their goin to be here until 2 and is bare 10:15
so please help me

The Expert answers:

read them a book
make PB&J sandwiches and have them help
play outside
play dress up
video games
sing songs

Nancy asks…


hi in about a hour im babysitting a 6 and 8 yr old they constantly want to watch tv. and i just do everything to pull them away but they never want to play the usual “hide and go seek”

so what can i do to make them entertained for 3 hours?????

The Expert answers:

Well, they might be too smart for this one, but what sometimes really gets their attention is the magic crayon trick. Lol
What you do is get a lot of crayons and spread them on the table. Then sit with your back to the crayons, and tell them to pick one and put it in your hand which is behind ur back then scrape off a little of the wax onto ur thumb, and put ur hand on their shoulder. Tell them u are now going to read their mind on which color they had. When ur hand is on their shoulder, look at the wax in ur thumb nail. Hopefully they will be amazed. Lol
But idk if by 6 and 8 if they are too smart for it.
I hope this helps!!!
And Good luck on keeping them busy

Susan asks…

What are some good babysitting games and how do you play them?

im going to be babysitting for my newborn cousin soon, so i need to know some good games to play with him and how to play them. ive already got a big storybook for babies bought, but what else?
well i probably wont be babysitting for a few months cuz the mother wont want to leave him, so when i do babysit he’ll be a few months old….

The Expert answers:

If its a newborn i doubt you’ll be playing a lot of games… He/she will be sleeping, eating and pooping and thats pretty much it

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