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Laura asks…

Where can I get free baby samples or free baby stuff delivered to my home address?

I have been tryind and trying to get free baby stuff or samples off the internet but every where I go I have to sign up for offers. I am looking for something where I dont have to sign up for any kind of offers. I want 100% free stuff. Please tell me there is something.

The Expert answers:

Register at all the diaper and formula sites that you plan on using. They’ll usually mail coupons and sometimes the diaper companies will mail you a couple diapers. If you’re pregnant, when you shop at motherhood maternity and sign up with them they’ll give you some stuff (mine had a bottle and a bunch of coupons.) And if you have/are having multiples call companies like johnson & johnson, huggies, gerber and they’ll usually send you more coupons and samples because you’re having multiples.

Http:// (free sippy cup) (these you hafta call for)

Lisa asks…

Looking for free baby websites where I can find free baby stuff? Does anyone know of any?

I am looking for the best websites that have free baby stuff that I can get in the mail. I have already signed up for the formula websites where I get the coupons, but what else is there out there where you can get free stuff? Just help me out if you know of anything?
I guess I should have said looking for where I don’t have to pay anything on the site to get it free.

The Expert answers:

Someone on Ebay charges $4.99 for how to get free formula.

There are these good sites too, for dicounts.

Robert asks…

Is there a website for free baby stuff or coupons?

I’m 11 weeks and 1 day pregnant, and i’m jw if there’s any website’s that have coupons or free stuff for baby.

The Expert answers:



Nancy asks…

Where can I get free baby stuff?

I know finding free stuff is not usually a real thing, but I just don’t make a lot of money and anything helps. Anyone have any ideas or resources of where to get free baby items. I signed up with a few sites to get free samples (Huggies, Enfamil, and a couple others). I’m already recieving WIC (thank goodness). I watch freecycle and craigslist’s free section all the time, but I was just wondering if anyone had any other sites or places?

The Expert answers:

Its always best to go to the main site. I wouldn’t completely agree with you that finding free stuff is not a real thing. Just don’t expect that real stuff to be computers or Ipods. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

What I would recommend is finding a legit free sample site, and signing up for notifications so you are the first to know about the free samples. There are a number of them out there (that are legit) that are only baby samples. One of them is . If you want all sorts of samples you can check out

Linda asks…

What is a good website to go to to get free baby stuff and free baby samples?

every time i click in one it seems to be bringing up all these annoying companys and “other offers” that have nothing to do with free baby stuff.Im trying to save money and i know there is free giveaways and sample websites….if anyone knows some please please let me know!! thank you!!

The Expert answers:

I get all my freebies at There are over 4,000 items listed, including items for moms and babies.


If you’re into blog site sweepstakes, they have a ton of mom and baby stuff. The blog sweeps don’t attract the kind of attention that a big sweepstakes does so your odds of winning are much better.


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