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Laura asks…

Baby Cribs?

Where in Los, angeles California can you find baby cribs?

The Expert answers:

Babies r us, ethan allen, pottery barn kids

Sharon asks…

What site has the best prices on convertible baby cribs?

My cousin is looking for a black crib.
What site has the best prices on baby cribs?
What are the best brands under $300?
Where did you get your baby bed?
What Brand is it? Do you like it? easy to install? Does it ding easily?

The Expert answers:

Sandra asks…

What is the age limit on round baby cribs?

I’ve always wondered, with those round baby cribs, what is the age limit for how long the baby can be in it??? Is it just like a normal crib, they stay in until they show signs they are ready for a toddler bed or would they get out of the round baby crib earlier???

The Expert answers:

As soon as they get to tall for it

John asks…

Any problems or suggestions for baby cribs?

Any problems or suggestions for baby cribs?
I am a furniture designer and I am interested in creating a nursery line. Do you Moms/Dads have any suggestions on how to make my cribs more convenient for you? What would you like to see in the future cribs? Any suggestions?

The Expert answers:

Well for one you do have to comply with the standards in the country regarding the size in between the railings.

I would like it if the mattress was adjustable but the top height was VERY high, because for the first month or two that baby is not going anywhere and some cribs have the highest level too low.

Converting form crib to bed is nice as mentioned.

Made of SOLID NOT CRAPPY WOOD that doesnt leave TEETH MARKS. Keep in mind kids chew on stuff, it is annoying when you invest and your kid chews threw it because the manufactures didnt think to cover the railing with something.

Daniel asks…

Baby cribs, Has anyone around five foot two bought a stationary side crib?

I am on the shorter side five foot two and I’m looking at cribs.Two of the cribs that I love have “stationary sides” as any one my height bought one and how difficult is it to reach over the bars to take the baby in and out? I don’t wana bu something I am going to struggle with. The cribs are only by catalog or online in jcpennys. Thanks!!

The Expert answers:

I am just under 5’4″ and I have a stationary side crib. I worried that I would have a problem with it, so I wore flats and practiced bending over some of the cribs in the stores. The cribs were all different heights, so I wouldn’t suggest purchasing a stationary side crib without seeing it first.

If you are interested in JCP cribs, this one has a fold-down gate:|42330|42331|42332

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