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Robert asks…

My baby shower is this weekend- I hope we don’t get too many clothes. Did you?

Our baby boy is due October 11th. A few of my gfs threw me a shower last weekend and they made a up a clotheslines of cute baby clothes. (They took the tags off.) I already bought a bunch of baby clothes as well beforehand and my mom already bought some clothes too. I think my MIL bought some clothes and my SIL too. Honestly we are all set with clothes, especially newborn clothes. I have a family shower this weekend of older relatives and older friends of my moms. My mom told everyone where I was registered for the things we need. My mom said an aunt told her she was going to JC penney and buying clothes for the baby. I did not register there. I was at a baby shower a couple of months ago, and it seemed that no one bought things off her registry, just bought a ton of clothes. she got way too many clothes, and they weren’t for the appropriate season with no receipts. I am not ungrateful for any gift, I just want it to be useful. Did this happen to you or someone you know?
I did not register for clothes for this reason.

The Expert answers:

I got TONS of clothes for my shower. I swear my little girl has more clothes than paris hilton. I knew this would happen so i didnt buy any clothes at all during my pregnancy. I only bought the outfit i wanted for her hospital pictures and her coming home outfit. Luckily my shower was in february at the start of the spring season and we got lots of spring summer clothes that were just in season.
No matter what, you’ll get things you dont need, or already have. With the items that i did not have a receipt for, i took them to target, walmart, and kohls and they did returs without receipts. I got store credit, and now use the store credit to buy diapers, or whatever comes up. It worked out perfectly!

Steven asks…

registering for baby clothes?

we are not having our baby shower until after the baby is born, we already have all the major baby things that we need. the only things that we really need are diapers and bigger size clothes.( we are set on newborn and 0-3 month) how do i go about telling people this? i dont want to go in and register for baby clothes, because people like to pick the clothes out dont they?

The Expert answers:

Don’t register for clothes!!

You will be given way too many!!
And the worst thing is that they are all so cute but you’ll only get to have them on the baby once and the next time you go to put in on him, it won’t fit!!!
You really don’t need lots of tiny clothes..and you’ll notice all of a sudden at 9 months old..there aren’t any more outfits for her to wear!!

Just casually tell people this..and hope that they’ll give you larger sized clothes!!

Mandy asks…

Can you give me some information on baby clothes sizes?

I know that baby clothes are sized Newborn, 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months, etc. I’ve seen them sized S, M, and L, and also 3 month, 6 month, 9 month, 12 month, 18 month, etc.

I know also that you go by the baby‘s weight and height for some of the items.

But what if you are buying for a baby that’s not yet born? I’m okay with onsies and sleepers, for at some point the baby will be able to wear the small and medium sizes. But what about little dresses for a girl, and those cute little sundresses and diaper sets? Does a 9 month size, for example, mean UP TO 9 months, or is it designed to fit when the baby is 9 months and beyond, until she reaches the next size, 12 months?

I’m a grandma buying for a granddaughter who is due in late March. I have seen some adorable little spring and summer sunsuits, sundresses, and dresses with diaper covers. But I don’t know what size to get that she will fit into in the warmer months. I can’t predict her weight, so I’m not sure what size to get.

I’ve bought a boat load of onsies and footed sleepers in all sizes, up to 9 months. They keep the house cold at night in the summer, so I figure she can wear the sleepers whenever she fits into them. The onsies I’ve purchased go from 0 to 6 months. We live in Florida, so I know those will work just fine. Now I’m shopping for dresses and more formal wear, and I’m stuck. Any size suggestions?

The Expert answers:

Infant clothes sizes are very misleading. I have a slightly above average sized daughter who at 7 months was wearing 12month clothes. You most definitely have to go by the weight indicators.

For a child born late March, as long as she is average or near average, then I would go for 3-6 month summer clothes. At least with dresses, she can wear them even if they are a bit too short.

Every brand of clothing is cut different, so it’s really hard to go by size.

Maria asks…

newborn clothes, sizes help?

I’ve bought everything in 0-3months as i thought that was the lowest size, then i realised there was a newborn size too, silly me! Well i bought myself some babygrows and vests in newborn size so i’m sorted with that.

The thing is, i’m buying some baby clothes online just now, and i’ve seen a lovely little hat and mitt set, it’s been reduced to £3.00 if you buy it in the newborn size and it’s £7.50 if bought in 0-3 months, the thing is, since i can’t see it myself i don’t know if it’s going to be too small.

Do you think the newborn size will do my baby for a few months at least?
Thanks girls! I’ve bought one pack of newborn vests and babygrows, the rest is in 0-3, was just wondering for the hat and gloves, i might just get the 0-3 instead of taking any chances. x
The hat and glove set is 4.5lbs – 10lbs, i might just get that, it’s only £3 and if he grows out it within a few weeks then it’s only £3 wasted. x

The Expert answers:

I was lucky, my Bella was 6lbs 13oz and she’s only just fitting her newborn outfits properly now at 6 weeks old! Got to make good use of them! She’s my tiny girl. 😛 She weighs about 9lbs 5 now, and some babies are born that size… My girlfriend recently had a 10.5lb boy!
To answer your question though, I reckon you should get the hat & mittens in the smaller size, that way you have a lil hat that fits (rather than one too big) in case he gets a bit too cool.
Anyway, good luck!

George asks…

Anyone know where to get cute baby boy sports clothes?

I am looking for newborn sets or onsies of some kind thanks

The Expert answers:

I get all my son lil Angel gear at Babies R Us.

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