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Helen asks…

what are some thinga/toys your baby had between the age if 6-12 months?

my baby is 7 months and he has a few things, like a play mat with hanging animals that makes noises and sings, los of toys, a walker..
what type of things did you havee for your baby to help him/her start to crawl or pull himself up or just for fun that they loved?

The Expert answers:


Toys that make music or any form of noise are favorites of babies. Toys with contrasting colors are really interestng to babies and help to stimulate the development of their vision. As they grow, infants use toys to explore object permanence and cause and effect relationships. They also need objects such as blocks to help them build motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Have a look at the links in my source box which may give you some ideas

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Nancy asks…

What are your 12-18 months old baby’s favorite toys?

My daughter is 12 months old and it seems that she is getting tired of her toys. She has stacking cups and rings, the Leap Frog music table, a walker, tons of books (she still likes them), 2 or 3 little electronic toys (she doesn’t care for them much), a doll and a teddy bear. We recently bought her a pound a ball toy and she loves it, but I can’t find anything else in stores or online that I think will keep her attention.
She already plays with plastic containers, wooden spoons, etc and other than that, she only wants to have things that are not toys (remote controls, drinking cups, etc).
I would really like to buy her a few new toys, but need some suggestions.

The Expert answers:

If she plays with your kitchen stuff, why not get her a kitchen!

Mark asks…

Whats a good toy to buy my 12 month old baby sister?

Shes having her birthday party tomorrow. and I have no idea what to buy her.

Those baby toys dont interest her at all. Im already buying her an outfit i want to buy a toy too!

The Expert answers:

Playskool Busy Gears was my son’s ultimate favorite toy at the age of 1—the lights and spinning gears are mesmerizing!! Http://

George asks…

what type of toys my baby would like as he is 12 months old?

The Expert answers:

Any of the Tickle-Me-Elmo’s, anything musical, those walk along toys (the ones where the child walks the toy in front of them pretty much), anything sparkly with strange/new textures or shiny things… Multi-colored lights. Things like that.

Sharon asks…

I’m looking for a really great educational toy for a baby 6-12 months, any ideas?

It’s for a friend’s baby, for xmas.

The Expert answers:

The best educational toy that i bought for my daughter 3yrs ago and now my 9mth old is having just as much fun with it is BABY TAD!! This is a soft frog toy that sings and interacts with the child. It is made by Leap Frog Learning toys, the kids love it and play with for ages. It is very hardy and lasts well. They will learn about shapes and colours, it also has a timer to play classical music to them at night time. A great toy!!!

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