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Ken asks…

turning 15 need ideas for party them is bashunter need games for boys & girls that will be a good memory?

please no baby games we are 14-17 years old and no games that are naughty it will be in a public building with adult supervision sadly but i will try to use every ones ideas.

The Expert answers:

Look up drinking games, they were meant for use with alcohol but have fun with your friends by drinking soda til your sick!
Fun games:
ring of death-categories (same game)
Drunk driver
high and low
google them 🙂

John asks…

ok. why do men act like boys with there little baby games?

grow up already… this ignoring sh*t game that u guys play is so childish!! man up. u guys always come back for round two anyway!

The Expert answers:

That’s exactly it….you’re messing around with BOYS…..
If you really tired of them,
then i think its time 2 upgrade 2 a MAN!!

Michael asks…

Whats the difference my baby boy game ds?

there are 2 games baby boy and baby girl for the ds, do they have different “parts” or are the exactly the same??? not sure if i want to get it

The Expert answers:

As far as I know, they are the same. They just have boy themed clothes and toys. Or girl themed. And no matter which one you get, you can have both genders. Like I have my baby girl and my baby is a boy.

Sandy asks…

Help for the my baby boy game for nintendo ds?

Can anybody help me with the my baby boy game for nintendo ds? I’m on month 5 of the game and I’m having difficulty getting my baby to roll over. Can anybody help me?

The Expert answers:

I had trouble at this too-

All you do is put the rattle above your babies head, then shake it.It may take a few times, but your baby should then roll over.

Hope i helped! 🙂

Carol asks…

Greek/Roman Baby Name Game! (Boys)?

These are a mixture of Greek and Roman names. Some are Gods, some Titans, and some are prominant figures in Greek/Roman history.

Choose one name from EACH line that you would use for a boy.

1. Apollo, Benedict, Caeser, Hermes.
2. Octavius, Atticus, Poseidon, Titus.
3. Jupiter, Mercury, Neptune, Hadrian.
4. Ares, Dionysus, Hades, Augustus.
5. Constantine, Zeus, Pan, Romulus.
6. Hyperion, Eros, Caelus, Vulcan.
7. Remus, Chronos, Astraios, Nero.
8. Tiberius, Hercules, Erebos, Marcus.

Remember, this is JUST FOR FUN. I wouldn’t use most of these names for a baby.

BQ: What is your favorite and least favorite name out of the list? Is there any other similar names to these that you like?

The Expert answers:

I’d probably never use these names but for fun 🙂 why not?

1. Benedict, Ben.
2. Atticus
3. Hadrian (He’d fit in with the Hayden’s & Aiden’s)
4. Ares
5. Constatine (That sounds awesome when you say it though)
6. Eros
7. Remus (Like Harry Potter, lol)
8. Tiberius, Ty

Constantine is cool but I like Constance for a girl better. Titus instead of Tiberius, just because of the whole Star Trek thing.

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