Your Questions About Baby Care

George asks…

What is the lifestyle of a pua. and how do you take that next step in becoming a great pua ?

The Expert answers:

The key, as is the case with most thing, is learning the skills necessary to do a good job, and to do that one must read, watch movies, talk with others, and most of all be sensitive to learning the tricks of the trade and being an able listener and learner.

Charles asks…

Whats the difference between Middle Schools and Junior High Schools apart from the name?

The Expert answers:

In my area Junior High is two years(7-8) and Middle School is three (6-8)

Betty asks…

Why would a person continue to mispronounce words after they hear it said correctly over and over?

The Expert answers:

My guess would be that they do it to sound pretentious. If that’s the case, I would call them on it. When they mispronounce a city name, say ‘Where?’. With other words, correct them on the spot. Don’t be a jerk about it though. That way, if they’re just making an innocent mistake, it’ll sound like you’re trying to politely help them.

Paul asks…

What can break on a car if you’er turning and hit a bump in the road?

The Expert answers:

You best have it check by a good mechanic.

Sounds like you broke something in the steering system, perhaps a tie rod end, sheared a bolt, A frame bushing, Idler arm, pittman arm, wheel bearing or a number of other things which could be deadly if they decided to turn loose.

Get it checked out. Explain to the mechanic what happened so he will have an idea where to look.

Ken asks…

I recently began running and now my bowel movements are far and in between? What’s wrong?

The Expert answers:

Nothing is wrong. Your body is just using more energy therefore it wastes less.

P.S.~ The saying is “few and far between”, not “far and in between” lol

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