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Joseph asks…

Any places to shop for new born furniture?only nyc?

Any places to shop for new born furniture?
im 22 weeks pregnant and i would like to start shopping from now,i dont wanna wait till 30 weeks and start… but im looking for a modern colorful nursery room,,,my appartement is modern as well as my furniture and i would like my baby boy’s room to bethe safe, i like babies r us but few are the modern cribs.
any stores or websites
by the way i live in new york city . thx
ps.i dont want websites like 2nd shope,cragslist or ebay…im looking for new furniture and nice stores in nyc

The Expert answers:

You want to buy home furniture? can try this furniture online shopping store and maybe you can find the furniture you want.i know this store because i bought their furniture last month. A Chinese furniture company,very honest and kind to me .they can ship the furniture to your destination. Very convenient.

Lizzie asks…

What is the difference between a bassinet and a crib and how long can a baby sleep in there?

We are going to be parents pretty soon and looking for a bassinet or a crib. Space is tight for us because we live in a condo in NYC. We were told that the “Graco Pack n Play” serves dual purpose – you can make the baby sleep in it from new born up until 24 months (changing the mattress after a few months) and then directly onto a toddler bed. Is that true? In that case, do i need a crib? This is the product we were looking at –

Thanks in advance for your help.

The Expert answers:

I would suggest a crib as they are allot more sturdy. My son will sleep in the pack and play but it is not as comfy as the crib. You can get smaller portable cribs that are wood but it will not last at all as long as a full size crib. A crib is not that much different in size than a toddler bed so if you have room for a bed you have room for a crib. We have a crib that has a changing table and drawer set attached to it. A bit bigger but it is less room than a changing table and drawer set for clothes.

Sandy asks…

1 bedroom apartment and a baby?

Me and my husband live in NYC and can’t afford a bigger place for us and our 8 month old son. His crib is in the living room and we are in the bedroom. There’s no room to fit his crib in the bedroom. Our place is very small. Our biggest problem is that his crib is right by the door, and whenever someone walks in and out, the baby wakes up. We’re having a hard time doing ANYTHING when he’s asleep. We can’t even use the kitchen cause it’s right next to the living room. I’m worried how much worse it’ll get once he’s 3 or older. The economy is hell right now and we don’t have a lot of money right now, so we’re grateful to at least have a roof over our heads. Does this make me a bad mother that I can’t even give my son his own room? :*(

The Expert answers:

Sometimes it is rough at first. Just enjoy the closeness as much as you can while you can. That does not make you a bad mother. You are caring for your child, just because he does not have his own room is no big deal!!!!!

Steven asks…

How can you raise a baby dirt-cheap?

Ok, so now that I have your attention..I want to ask how you can raise your little one as affordably as possible…here are a few ideas that I have.

-breastfeed (why waste money on expensive formula that isn’t as nutritious?)

-co-sleep (you can put a little cosleeper in the bed which saves you the expense of a crib)

-cloth diapers (earth-friendly and you can rewash and continue to reuse)

-buy all clothes from garage sales etc. (babies only wear their clothes a few times before growing out of them so most baby clothes are in good condition)

-make your own baby food (it’s healthier and can sometimes cost just pennies)

-work mirror shifts to your significant other (this way you can skip on daycare)

…….anymore ideas?

Let’s ask figuratively how I can raise a baby/family on my hubby’s income of 1,900 a month here in NYC. Our rent is only 500 since we rent our other apt. bedroom :).
Nope, I’m not on foodstamps or any type of gov’t aid. and I don’t plan on using any of that either. My spouse brings home $1,900 minimum..and since I will be working p/t as well..I will be able to make at least another $1,100…that’s 3k. We can live off of that. 🙂

The Expert answers:

Wait till all your other friends have babies so they can donate all their old baby stuff to you when you get pregnant?

Lol, that’s what I did. I literally didn’t have to buy a thing for my daughter for the first 5 months.

Another thing is check with your OBGYN or the pre-natal section of your local hospital about getting pregnancy insurance. You qualify if you earn under a certain amount of income and it will cover all your medical expenses and prescriptions while you’re pregnant and your baby for the first year. It’s pretty sweet.

Also: don’t give in to buying those expensive flashy baby toys just yet, and then don’t buy a lot at once. You’ll find your baby will most likely have more fun with the box your tv came in, a rolled up sheet of tin foil, the pots and pans in your kitchen, or an easter egg with beans or cheerios inside to rattle.

Donald asks…

Is my baby sister seeing things?

I’m an 18 year old girl, and my parents brought her over from L.A. because they were going on their second honeymoon touring France and Italia. She’s afraid of water and she says that “they” will drown her. I have never ever shown her a horror film or anything and neither has anyone else. I live in my apartment here in NYC and she claims to have people visiting her overnight and telling her that they want to play. Somehow at night she manages to get out of her crib, which is in my way impossible since the it’s a little bit too high for her to get out. She says that there is a person hanging from her window. Whenever I’m feeding her food, she would point past me and ask who is that man next to you? Would this be a good time to get a priest?
And just please I’m serious, and I’m not trolling around! I love my sister, but this is really scaring me.
I am serious! But nobody is helping me! How do I get a priest to come and bless this cursed house?
Her behavior has changed. She has mood swings. I would often catch her sitting up on her crib at night talking to someone like an imaginary friend.
I don’t encourage her behavior. I let her watch Dora or Blues Clues. I read her fairytales as bedtime stories. I bring her to the park, I take her jogging me. I feed her some ice cream and mostly healthy foods. I often tell her that her nightmares are just a dream and that nobody will hurt her.

The Expert answers:

Buddhists & hindus believe in reincarnation, so (A) this might be the case. Past events/life can be vivid with the newlyborns & kids. & they lost out as ones ages with time. Maybe in the past life, she was drowned, hence the fear of water. Or (B) as regards to seeing things, it is likely she has yin/yang(day/night) eyes that enable her to see the invisible spirits. Getting a priest may help to clean the house ; some people simply grow with it without fear though. In emergency, call on Jesus’ name, & they shd leave.

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