Your Questions About Baby Care

Joseph asks…

What are good baby online shopping websites?

Looking to set up a nursery and looking for cute but reasonably priced stuff?

The Expert answers:

Cant go wrong with burlington coat factory. Com under baby depot. Its the best they have everything and they dont cost alot.

Mandy asks…

What is the best baby clothing shopping online in US?

Need to do some shopping online to be delivered from the states…What are the best sites that I can buy from??
Thanks in advance

The Expert answers:

I am assuming since you say from the states, that you are located outside of them. The first answer gave some good sites. But let me give you some good advice on shipping. I am an American who lives in London. Most sites do not even take foreign credit cards. And when they do they rarely ship outside the US. And when they do ship foreign orders the country you live in will charge you a fortune in taxes and duty. Been there.

Lizzie asks…

Best places for baby shopping online?

I’ve looked at Babies ‘R’ Us and they don’t seem to have much of a selection online…what are some good site for ordering things for baby that is ONLINE?

The Expert answers:

Lots of places, amazon, mothercare, argos, ebay.

Nancy asks…

Reliable websites for online shopping for baby items in Singapore?


I was just wondering if anyone knows of reliable online websites selling baby items in Singapore?

The Expert answers:

I would like to know the answer too

Laura asks…

Anyone know any good online baby shops?

I need to find a shop online that sells all the baby needs. It is for a class project (summer school) But I don’t want it to be like target or walmart or the common shops. Any idea’s?

The Expert answers:

Hello MaKenna Graham!
are few site for baby stuffs.

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