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Jenny asks…

Free baby stuff?

I have signed up for some free baby stuff online. Like baby magazines and free samples and i entered to win free diapers. Is there anything else I can do online? Did any of you sign up for this kind of thing? Are there any websites that have really cheap baby stuff for sale or more free baby stuff? I need all the help I can get!! Thanks!!

The Expert answers:

Sign up at all the baby product web sights you can think of. They will send you free samples and coupons after your baby is born. Here are some ideas:
-Nestle (goodstart)
(You get the idea) Also, create registries at Target, WalMart Babies R Us (etc.) because even if you only register for one thing they will send you coupons.
Remember to update your account info at these web sights when you baby is born. That way they will ship off your samples. Good luck mommy!!

Betty asks…

You know those “win a free laptop/cell phone/iPod” falsh games really work?

Can you really win all this great stuff free just by “catching the baby” or “punching Bin Laden” like all the games say? You know what I’m talking about? Has anyone ever really gotten all this great stuff free?

The Expert answers:

You have to complete so many sponsers. Speaking of which, i’m still waiting for 2 free dinners to olive garden!!!

Richard asks…

is there any good websites for mums to be ?

hi im 6 weeks pregnant and jst wondering if there r any great websites that are australian where u can win free stuff and get some samples of nappies baby food and stuff.. thanx

The Expert answers:

Hmm have you tried . It is not updated often but the only true Australian freebie site i have found. You can sign up for the mailing list so when it is updated, you can be first to know!


Mark asks…

Serious question about Mexicans?

A Mexican i spoke with today said only in America can I get the birth of my child paid for, he signed up for food stamps,he get welfare, boy’s medication she said were all free, she receives free diapers, free baby food, the people come by with bags of free food.Why illegals get like $ 200,000 medical care at no cost ? She said with 3 other kids she receives over $ 3000 a month for us born kids,she laugh all i do is have baby and win lotto.why illegals get so much free stuff ?

The Expert answers:

Because the dang politicians don’t talk to people like her, or a ton of other people I know about..or even some of my own relatives! If they opened their eyes to how the ‘bleeding heart’ politicians are screwing America over by giving all these illegals free stuff, which is like an invitation for more to come, they would step up to the plate and say ENOUGH!

Carol asks…

question about baby shower games?

So i am trying to search for some baby shower games
and i come across bingo
i am kind of confused
The guests play? and what happens when they win? they get a gift?

And what were your fav shower games? This is my first baby so any ideas on what is fun and websites that give good free stuff to print out would be much appreciated 😛
i see a lot of things were the guests win
Like what do i do for them if they win?
Okay well any suggestions on what gifts to give?

The Expert answers:

I played Bingo at my last baby shower. The gifts we gave away were stationary, body wash, photo albums, hand towels.
It’s all stuff you can find for fairly cheap but people love to have!

My favorite baby shower game to play was the one where you pass a roll of toilet paper around and everybody tries to guess how big your belly is by pulling off a certain amount of toilet paper. Then you go around and they get to measure you with their toilet paper. Closest one wins a prize!

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