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David asks…

How do you get your Babies R Us coupon for registering?

I registered at Babies R Us awhile back and they said they would give me a coupon for 10% off after my shower to buy things I had not received. How do I get this coupon?

The Expert answers:

I was told at the babies r us store I should just bring in my registry after the shower for them to scan and it would come up, also, go to target and register If you bring in your target registry they will give you a $20 giftcard.

Donna asks…

How often does Babies R Us send out their sale/coupon books?

I got a book of coupons from Babies R Us last week. The coupons are valid from 4/17 – 4/30. There are a lot of good coupons for things I need, but I hate to go buy everything before my shower in May.

Is it worth it to use the coupons now, or do they send the coupons pretty often?

The Expert answers:

I get coupons every month or two… And a lot of times the big stuff they always have a 10% off coupon or something like that.

Daniel asks…

Is it bad to buy clothing from babies r us?

I’ve spent almost $300 on newborn clothing and blankets at babies r us. It’s my first and don’t really have anybody to tell me the do’s and don’ts of baby shopping. I now realize that my baby will grow out of it fast… Should I exchange the sleepers for daytime outfits instead, and bigger sizes? Any advice will help.

The Expert answers:

$300 is high for newborn clothing. Babies R Us isnt the problem, its what you are buying. They carry Carter’s below the cost of Mervyn’s and JC Penney. Also start looking at clearance racks. The basics you need:
5 onesies
A size small Halo sleepsack
One cute outfit

0-3 months
5-10 onesies
the sleepsack should still fit
3-7 footed sleepers
more socks
2-3 cute outfits

3-6 months should be similar to the above

9, 12, 18 and 24 months
still 5-10 onesies
still footed sleepers if in a cooler climate
3-5 cute outfits.

Remember that BRU can give you gift cards for what you return so you can use it on wipes (especially for baby are great), bottles, pacifiers, and the little things you will need.

George asks…

Besides Babies r Us where else can I find Seventh Generation baby products?

I bought seventh generation diapers (they’re really ugly looking) from Big Lots and they where really cheap. But I really want the baby wipes and I don’t want to go all the way to babies r us. Does anyone know where else I can find those products?

The Expert answers: they have loads of baby products not just diapers.

I get my diapers there. Free shipping if you order more than 50 dollars worth at a time. Prices are not bad and you get your stuff in two business days normally.

Mark asks…

How do the Babies R Us newborn diapers compare to Huggies/Pampers?

Hi. I am trying to stock up newborn diapers for my first boy and is wondering how the quality of the Babies R Us diapers are compared to other brands. The Babies R Us diapers are pretty cheap but are they any good? Thanks

The Expert answers:

Standing in line on black friday a crap load of women told to to buy the babies r us brand! Like 5 women! I havent tried them my baby wont be here for 11 more days so i dont know if they really are that good
good luck!

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