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Richard asks…

Which is cheap and good store to buy newborn baby clothes in Appleton/Neenah , WI ?

The Expert answers:

I scored great deals at my local Target. You can also look at garage sales and look at a group called Freecycle – you will need to offer something for freecycle before you can post a want but I often see folks getting rid of kids clothes on it – you just need to get to the location for pick up.

Donna asks…

cheap baby clothes???

anyone know an online shop with good quality cheap baby clothes from newborn sizes?? but not ebay lol thnx x
sorry forgot to mention has to be online as i cant leave the house i have severe SPD n cant walk lol thnx for all the answers
had no idea asda delivered!! opened a whole new world lmao thnx problem solved…….n i dont like ebay coz paypal confuses me haha

The Expert answers:

You cant beat asda’s for cheap but geourgous baby clothes! You can do that on line too , sorry to hear you have SPD

Sharon asks…

where is the cheapest place to buy unisex newborn baby clothes in the uk?

The Expert answers:

Primark is the cheapest and the clothes are quite nice they have lovely stuff for newborns including baby grows, bodysuits, towels, snuggly blankets, mittens, bibs etc

William asks…

How much newborn clothes to buy?

I am having my first baby and I am not having a baby shower because I dont have family. My baby is due July 27th of this year and I need to know what I need to buy and how much of it? I am clueless. Anyone know where to get cheap baby clothes? Im not sure if I need little hats and coats or not?

The Expert answers:

For great deals on baby clothes you may want to check out Ebay, Craigslist, and your local baby re-sale shops (Play it Again, Once Upon A Child, etc.). They sell great quality items that are used. You may also want to see if there are any re-sale events going on in your area….

As far as HOW MUCH to get…..hold back on getting TONS of newborn stuff. I would, honestly, only get a couple of items in THAT size. Your baby could be too big to fit into it….or not fit into it long enough to justify having gotten it. Get a couple of outfits for pictures….and then stick to 0-3 and 3-6 items.

Sleepers are great
Onesies are great
Cute outfits….you won’t want to mess with them after a couple of weeks go by. Hard to change diapers with these and they have a tendancy to ride up on baby!

Sockies…buy a fair amount of these because they disappear like crazy. My washer must have eaten half of mine!

Mitts….not that necesary. A lot of the sleepers will have the fold down cuff. Just keep babies nails trimmed…it will keep her from scratching her face!

Caps…for a baby born in July…not that neccesary.

So here is what I would buy….

2- Newborn Outfits (Cute ones for photos)
3- 0-3 month outfits (Cute ones for photos and outings)

5 Sleepers/Rompers 0-3 months
5 Sleepers/Rompers 3-6 months
10 Onesies 0-3 Months
10 Onesies 3-6 months
5 Pair of Pants 0-3months
5 Pair of Pants 3-6months
20 pairs of sockies 0-6 months
2 Caps

6 RECEIVING BLANKETS (Do get a fair amount of these. WalMart makes a Child of Mine Brand by Carters that is 30X40 and that is the PERFECT size for swaddling. These blankets hold up to repeated washigns, don’t shrink, and don’t get fuzzy. They come in packs of three….get TWO packs!!! You can use these for blankets, burp cloths, changing pads, cleaning up messes, THEY ARE GREAT!!!

Hope that helped. Good luck to you….take care of yourself and that baby!!

Carol asks…

where would you recommend to buy baby clothes for cheap?

Looking for newborn-12 months for a baby girl 🙂
I always see how outfits (top and bottom) costs at least $20.
so I’m looking for something more around $10.

The Expert answers:

Craig’s list or Thrift stores.

You can get outfits from target for $10, esp. On clearance. But at a thrift store they can be $1 each.

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