Your Questions About Baby Care

Laura asks…

What is the difference between “envious” and “jealous” ?

The Expert answers:

If you’re envious, you want what someone else has.

If you’re jealous, you wish they didn’t have what they have.

Maria asks…

Can I be Arrested for stopping payments on Rent A Center merchandise and not returning it?

The Expert answers:

No, you won’t get arrested you’ll get sued. It’s civil, not criminal

Mandy asks…

How long and they keep you at the police station without charging you?

The Expert answers:

Hang with better people.

Sandra asks…

4. Which of the following best describes the relationship between the shape of enzymes and the reactions the?

The Expert answers:


Helen asks…

Which is the hardest and easiest language to learn?

The Expert answers:

If you know english and french it’s soo easy to learn spanish. Even if you don’t know french it’s still easy!

And umm..I’ll say greek (hardest) ince the alphabet is different. (or chinese, japanese etc..)

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