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Mary asks…

What are the best intellectual toys/books for 1 year old baby?

The Expert answers:

At this point of development, your new toddler’s form of learning will be the world and how it works (concept of gravity, pushing and sorting things, and what the world looks like when they are walking). Almost any toy and book that is age-appropriate will be something new to learn. Thus, Baby Einstein toys/books and anything else trying to push intellectual stimulation is related more to a sales gimmick than anything else.

Sorting toys, push toys, and books that show very colourful pictures are stimulating.

Mandy asks…

What is the best teaching method for a 1 year old baby ?

What are the best toys to expose them to ? Are cartoons ok for a 1 year old ?

The Expert answers:

I would check out baby einstein brand. They make VERY good age appropriate learning toys.

With my son for his first birthday we bought him the floor block letters and numbers (they form a mat). We laid them out and then every day I went over them with him. By 18 months he knew them all in lower case and capital. I would REALLY suggest buying the Big I think 15 inch by 15 inch ones (can’t guarantee the size…but at least 12 inches) becuase babies tend to like to bite them because they are foam and feel nice on the gums. So because the peices are bigger and the letters and numbers as well they are too hard to put in the mouth.

I disagree that TV shows are bad for children at that age. But I would NOT let them watch more than one show a day and when my son did watch it was only Sesame Street. I refused to let him watch shows that baby talked.

Baby Enstein also sells puppets. Oh dear do children LOVE them. And its not something just for 1 yr olds. My son is almost 3 and puppet shows happen here ALL the time. It is a great way to get their imagination going.

Baby Einstein is sold at Target, Toys R Us, and so many websites. Just type Baby Einstein into you favorite search engine.

Good luck.

Chris asks…

Can you give a list of those toys that are useless to present for a baby under 1 year old?

The Expert answers:

Basically all of them. A child will be more stimulated and learn more with everyday objects. You don’t need a bear that sings to teach colors. If you want to introduce colors, you have a red shirt, a blue cup, a green diaper bag…

If you want to give a child under 1 a gift, make a deposit to their 529 college savings fund.

George asks…

What are the best baby toys (for ages 1-2 years old)?

I mistakenly posted this in the wrong section earlier.

I’m not looking for specific brand names (although that’s OK, too). Rather, I’m looking for general types of toys (e.g. stacking rings, shape sorters, etc.).

The Expert answers:

My girls love pretend play toys like kitchens, vacuums, baby dolls. Anything that makes them feel like they’re doing what mommy does. They like ride ons too. My 2 year old loves to draw and the aquadoodles and other drawing supplies that don’t get on walls and clothes are awesome for that age.

Laura asks…

What can I get for a 1 Year Old boy?

A friend of mine is throwing a huge celebration for her baby next week, when he turns one. I am not much of a kid person, and have no idea what you would get a 1 year old baby.

Any suggestions? No toys because the kid apparently has enough of them.

The Expert answers:

Tickets to the zoo.
An empty box (that’s kind of a joke but kids love boxes)
Bath toys (mine always have lots of toys but not many for the bath)
New sheets (especially if moving to toddler bed soon)
Sippy Cups

You could go a whole different route and get a present for the mom congratulating her on surviving the 1st year.

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