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Sandra asks…

Where can I find a Cleveland Browns Baby Crib Set?

I would like to know the stores if anyone has seen them, or internet sites.

The Expert answers:

Ebay!! You may have to keep searching. I could only find blankets. No sheets, but I’m sure if you check out some of the stores, one will have a set, or at least be able to point you in a better direction. The first link is a buy it now 7 pc nursery set. The 2nd link is the search that mostly has blankets/throws/etc

Laura asks…

Do you know where I can get the Hello Kitty baby crib set from in the UK?

I am Expecting a baby in August and have seen the “Hello Kitty” nursery range but only to be shipped from the USA. I cant seem to find who stocks it here!!!
Anybody know???!!!!

The Expert answers:

Im sure our old favourite EBAY may help you even if you get it from EBAY.COM you may get it cheaper from the usa as .com is the usa and is the uk

Nancy asks…

Where would I find a beautiful crib set for a baby for cheap?

I have been on ebay, and i found extremely beautiful crib sets, but everytime I bid on them, I lose them. I want a beautiful crib set for my baby for christmas, and I want something that is not too expensive, but still looks nice. I looked at walmart, but I just could not find what I have in mind. I like the character sets, but i really want something original this time. Does anyone have any ideas?

The Expert answers:

What I have seen on ebay is that they use teaser rates of .99 and then at the last minute the bid shoots up beyond what you might pay in a store and you don’t even get to look at it in person and some sellers have a no return policy. Another thing to watch for is artificially inflated shipping charges.

I recently was looking for a silver picture frame and thought I’d found one until I saw a $200 shipping fee! $200 to ship a picture frame? If I had not been paying attention and bid what would have been reasonable, I would have gotten ripped off.

So far as Craigslist is concerned, you might get something for less. But I would be afraid the set would be faded. With resale stores, you have to practically be standing there if something really good comes in so you might waste a lot of gas and time going back and forth to check.

I believe the best way to get a beautiful set for the least amount of money is to shop closeouts. You spend no money going back and forth to the store and many times the shipping charges are next to nothing or nothing at all.


James asks…

Bananafish baby bedding sets, infant crib bedding, nursery decor, nursery decorating accessories?

What is the best products that Bananafish carries?

The Expert answers:

A friend of mine just posted this link to me in an e mail. I asked a question earlier about baby products and this is the best place I have found :

On the homepage there are drop down menues on the left hand side that take you right to the Banafish baby products. Here is the link:

Banafish also have a kids line products:

Susan asks…

How do I select good baby crib bedding?

What are the criteria in selecting baby crib bedding? Are there things to pay attention as to whether to get a 5 piece baby crib bedding set or a 6 piece? What is the difference between them? Also, are there materials that are considered better for baby crib bedding such as flame retardant material, cotton, etc. I find that the baby crib bedding I had before seems inadequate with its blanket. During winter, the blanket does not provide enough warmth.

The Expert answers:

You should consider the materials used in manufacturing first. Get as close as you can to 100% cotton because synthetic materials may irritate sensitive baby skin. Flame-retardant is also a must. Actually I think it’s a law in many states that sleep materials for babies be flame-retardant. You also definitely want machine washable sheets and blankets. You’ll also need at least two extra sheets. You will have lots of times that sheets are only clean for one night–diaper leaks, spit up, etc–and you won’t always have time to do laundry every single day.

Most bedding sets include a bumper. This doesn’t mean you should use it. Skip it for a newborn, as it can contribute to SIDS deaths. When baby starts moving independently, i.e. Pre-crawling and sitting up, you can start using it if you are concerned about head bumps. The dust ruffle is purely aesthetic and has no bearing on baby’s safety. The blanket, like the bumper, should be put away until baby is a little older. It is also a SIDS risk. Instead, invest in a few baby sleeper outfits. If you feel that baby isn’t warm enough, you can always layer it with onesies, but make sure not to overheat the baby. He is more likely to wake up to let you know that he’s too cold than he is to wake up to let you know he’s too hot. I know, that sounds like heaven to a sleep deprived parent, but temperature is important when you’re that little. Being a little chilly is safer for baby than being way too hot.

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