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William asks…

Babies R Us registry?

Anyone know when you get the 10% off at Babies R Us for doing a registry with them? I was told you get that after your baby is born… but when? Thanks!

The Expert answers:

Its only 10% off what u didn’t get on your registry.. And they say they will send it after the baby is born.. But i would call the 1888-222-9787. That is the number i have that came with the pack.. Goodluck

George asks…

Babies R Us Registry?

I heard that at babies r us if you dont receive things from your registry or something they send you a coupon for I think %10 off the things that are still on there, when did you get the coupon? And is it%10 off each item or the total purchase? I’m just curious.

The Expert answers:

They will send you a coupon in the mail and I believe they send them out about a month after the due date they have for you in their computer. You can only use the coupon one time, but you can use it to get as many things off your registry as you need.

Ken asks…

Babies R Us Registry Help?

My showers are over and I’ve gone to Babies R Us and used the gift certificates. Thank God for family and friends. This stuff is expensive!!

Anyway, Babies R Us gets you with their “10% Off” after the due date. Well, I want the majority of the stuff before the baby comes. I highly doubt I’ll feel like shopping right away after the birth.

Soo…….my question is, what would you recommend I add to our registry for when he’s a little older? I’m trying to get a discount on things I’ll need a little farther into the future. Ex. umbrella stroller, larger diapers, potty seat, etc.

Thanks so much for all your help!

The Expert answers:

Convertible car seat, exersaucer, booster chair..
Babies r us also regularly gives out coupons, every time i go i get a 20% coupon and some others for 2 weeks from that date..

Michael asks…

Problems with Babies R Us Registry?

I am currently registered with Babies R Us. For the past 2 weeks, nothing that has been purchased off of my registry has showed up as being bought. I’ve done some research on the internet on several forums to see if anybody else has experienced the same problem, and haven’t been successful. There is an upwards of 50 to 60 items that are not showing up on my registry! I don’t mean to sound material, but I spent a lot of time on my registry– and the last thing I want to do is run around in the last few weeks of my pregnancy making a million returns. Then another problem emerges if I do not get gift receipts for the many doubles I’m sure I will recieve! (Due to BRU’s strict policy for returns)

Am I alone?

The Expert answers:

In my experience you can return items in new condition with packaging with no reciept for store credit.

…but everything that was bought from my registry showed up as bought…. Maybe people arent giving your registry number when they buy?? Or they found it somewhere else cheaper and bought it there…?

Anyway if you know something was bought you can mark it as bought, put the quantity in the box and click update… Or something similar. I did it with a few items purchased elsewhere.

Maria asks…

Anybody else have problems with their online Babies R Us Registry!?

I am so frustrated by my online Babies R Us Registry. Everytime I go on there to update registry information or check if I have gotten anything off of it, its so slow! I only registered there to get the free gift box full of samples as its too expensive for me to shop there compared to Target and Wal Mart but still frustrating!!! Anybody else have issues with it?
I am also registered at Target and Wal Mart and didn’t have any problems there! 🙂 I love that I will be able to get discounts when its closer to my discount with whatever is left on my registries there! They are so much cheaper and they are closer to my house.

The Expert answers:

I completely agree with Poppy in regards to their customer service. I deleted my entire registery over the customer service there. Someone had purchased an outfit there for my baby shower in a NB size, and I decided that I wanted the outfit a little bigger so I took it in to even exchange it for the next size up. This outfit was still on the hanger with all of the tags, and they had a whole display of these outfits in clothing but they refused to even exchange it because I didn’t have a receipt. I had $75 in gift cards from the baby shower and once I hit the $75 I quite shopping there and left the rest of the purchases on the counter. The cashier looked at me funny, and I told her, you can’t even exchange an outfit for the next size up, you are crazy if you think I am spending any more of my money here. She gave me another dirty look, and I walked out. Only spending about fifty cents out of my pocket.. Walmart and Target are much better places to shop for baby, plus they are way less expensive and unfortunately the 10% that Babies R Us will send you for your registery gift may or may not cover their more increased prices so please beware! Good Luck on your new baby!!

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